Luke Bryan, "Do I"

luke1After a string of mega-party anthems, it’s refreshing to see a different side of Luke Bryan, a more sensitive, wistful side that longs for the once “perfect simple kind of loving” that escaped a relationship.

But as relatable and tender as the lyrics of “Do I” may be, the song –the first single off Bryan’s second album– is ultimately not quite as poignant as the story it’s telling. Instead, it falls victim to the kind of standard, monotonous chorus you think you’ve heard before (and probably have, in some form or another) and feels generally flat. It lacks character, soul – almost everything that elevates a simple country song from bland to moving.

It’s not entirely Bryan’s fault, though, as “Do I” simply doesn’t suit his voice. What the song requires is a distinguishing vocal quality that can color and breathe life into a slow-moving melody. It makes sense, then, that the background vocals of Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott are the song’s saving grace, and that the boys of Lady Antebellum helped pen the song. Witness the texture and depth co-writer Charles Kelley pumps into one line of the song at the 3:05 mark:


I don’t doubt this song will frequent the country airwa

ves, but here’s to hoping the rest of Bryan’s second album is more of an artistic “fit” than this miss.

Written by Luke Bryan, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley

Grade: C+

Listen: Do I



  1. You’re right on with this review. The chorus really does sound like something I’ve heard before. It’s meant to be catchy/singable, but ends up being bland and interchangeable.

  2. I have to say that even though I’m a fan of Luke, I think Lady A would’ve nailed this song had they sung it! I think Charles and Hilary would’ve done a great job putting emotion and more depth, as you said, to the song.

    But I can’t wait for Luke’s new album haha

  3. I am not a Luke Bryan fan. But I was dumbfounded by how much I liked this song. Yes it is poorly written. Yes it is over produced with poor background singing. Yes Luke Bryan has many vocal limits. But for the first time in his career I hear honest, somewhat raw, direct feelings. Bryan’s song have always been immature and silly to me. But this one showed me that Luke Bryan, when given a chance can, at least, can put some effort into his music, and try to shade and develop emotions. If he can find a song that matches his limited vocal range, and is well- written, I would turn a new eye toward him. I believe that this song only shows some promise. I would like to see more- if there is any more to see.

  4. Spot-on review, although I also agree with Craig that this song does hint at something more substantial from Luke Bryan.

    And one thing I’ll say for Luke is that I really like his live presence. I volunteered at last year’s CRS New Faces Show, which he played along with Jake Owen, Bucky Covington, Jason Michael Carroll and Taylor Swift. Jason and Jake were the best technical singers, but Luke was the only one of the five who felt like a fully-formed artist when he came onstage. Even his most shallow songs felt somewhat meaningful because of his stage presence and delivery. I don’t enjoy the recorded versions of those songs nearly as much, but I think he’s got substantial potential.

  5. Luke’s vocal performance doesn’t strike me as disingenuous. It’s just not a great song, and not the right pairing of song and artist. I agree that there’s potential and I’m really interested to see what comes of his new album.

    Dan – good point. Strong conviction and delivery go a long way!

  6. I think Luke Bryan is my big guilty pleasure at the moment. I really liked his first album, despite it’s lightweight feel.

    I do like this song. I think he’s a real interesting artist. There’s something fun and heartfelt in his sound and presence.

  7. I absolutely love the song Do I!! One of my favorite songs ever. The song is exactly what me and my man are goin through.

  8. Well Mr.Bryan I LOVE YOUR SONG and I intend to buy it I Love it enough to spend my money HARD to come by money to own the song

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