Joey + Rory + Taylor = Video Gold

No formal post cooked up here; I just wanted to thank these artists for bringing mainstream country some much-needed personality.

Joey + Rory, “Play The Song”

I've started having my doubts about the strength of this song as a radio single, but it sure makes for an awesome video. The well-placed jabs at the industry are appreciated, but it would still be notable just for the couple's infectious onscreen presence.

Click to watch Joey & Rory, Play the Song.

Taylor Swift, “You Belong With Me”

I'm sorry, but I think Taylor Swift is kind of a pop music genius. If you're bewildered as to why her current album has scored with fans and critics alike, consider this video your

short-form lesson. Fearless deliberately presents Swift as something of an Everygirl, and this clip plays up that concept with remarkable shrewdness. She's unusually pretty, but seems to realize that her strongest appeal lies in the usual-ness of her personality, and that's the card she really plays here. The plot is cheesy and predictable as heck, but only because it synthesizes everything that's potentially charming about all countless “ugly duckling teen becomes a swan” movies (The Princess Diaries, A Cinderella Story) and condenses it all to a length that's tolerable for normal human beings. Bonus points for playing the villain herself.

Click to watch Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me.



  1. Wow! That’s all I can say about the Taylor video. I agree. Genius! It was funny to watch as she danced in front of her mirror. It was embarrassing and sweet at the same time when he saw her dancing through the window. Everything is portrayed very well.

    I almost wonder if I like the happy ending or not. I thought it was well done, but I wonder if it would have been more effective if we were given the idea that they could possibly hook up, but never really found out.

    Overall, very well done!

    Unfortunately, Play the Song is not up on YouTube yet, and I can’t watch it on CMT.

  2. Awww.. the title lead me to believe one video with all of them. False advertising!

    Also, even CMT can’t get the + right in Joey + Rory

  3. I enjoy Taylor’s music even if she has (intentionally or unaware) drifted away from whatever country affinity she had early on. I don’t know if you can call her music pop or not, almost has her own genre it seems like, but anyway the video was brilliant, yet I too agree it would have left room for later interpretation and possibly carrying the theme further in later videos if she had not finished with the fulfillment of the nerd heroine’s dreams. I’m sure it will be loved by all of her many fans though, so my opinion affects only myself. I do know that I enjoyed her earlier live performances so much more, the simple acoustic accompaniment and heart-felt delivery she had was very fresh and genuine, and I think that is where she gained so many fans.

  4. I think the Joey and Rory video is great. The industry needs “jabbed”, and what a clever way to do it. These two are a pretty entertaining couple. The industry needs more like them.

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