Steve Holy, “Baby, Don’t Go”

Steve HolyAs heard in Steve Holy’s last real hit, “Brand New Girlfriend”, Holy demonstrates his penchant for hook-y melodies that still border on obnoxiousness. His latest, “Baby, Don’t Go” only manages to up the ante.

Supported by a fast paced, driving production, Holy pleads for his woman not to leave him. His pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears as his performance gets more frenzied and the reasons for staying feel more ridiculous: “Clouds are overhead,/A storm is moving in,/What a bad time to be on the road./It’s a poor idea with the fuel prices high and your gas tank is really low/So baby don’t go, baby don’t go.”

While Holy’s intense performance conveys desperation somewhat appropriately, it also seems frighteningly overwrought, especially for an up-tempo song. Furthermore, the unimaginative repetition of lyrics is unavoidably distracting: “Don’t you walk, walk, walk away/Baby don’t, don’t you leave/Please stay baby come back/You know I want you now/I was wrong baby don’t go/I wanna hold, hold hold you tight/Do whatever it takes make, make it right/Give me a second chance you know I love you so/Baby don’t go.”

“Baby Don’t Go” clearly aims for catchiness, but falls victim to overdone cutesiness instead.

Grade: C

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  1. I think the ultimate problem with this song is that he sounds uncontrollably hyper as he’s begging her to stay, which would make me run rather than stay.:)

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