Brooks & Dunn are Breaking Up

brooks-dunnCountry superstars Brooks & Dunn are breaking up.  They will release a hits collection this fall, followed by a tour next year. It seems that last year’s Cowboy Town will be their final studio album.

From their official website:

To Our Fans:

After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have agreed as a duo that it’s time call it a day. This ride has been everything and more than we could ever have dreamed …. We owe it all to you, the fans. If you hear rumors, don’t believe them, it’s just time.

We will release our #1s … and Then Some on September 8th and come see you all one more time in 2010, with The Last Rodeo Tour (dates to be announced).

In honor of this classic nineties act, a Starter Kit will follow later tonight. In the meantime, here’s a video clip to help you get ready for “The Long Goodbye”:


H/T: Whitney Pastorek at EW


  1. I haven’t liked what they’ve been doing for awhile now, but this is still sad, somehow. I guess because their name has become somewhat of a household name for country music at this point. I think they’re right that it’s time though. I’ll remember their first ten years…and parts of their second decade… very fondly.

    “The Long Goodbye” is one of my favorites of theirs.

  2. Well, there goes Sugarland’s future competition for duo of the year.

    I was never a big fan, but I’m still sad too. I like some of their songs, like “Building Bridges” and “Cowgirls Don’t Cry”. I never got into their older stuff though.

  3. This comes as sad news, but at the same time, I agree they have come to the end of their road creatively. I would rather see them walk away then watch them slide into medocrity, or have radio shut them out. Also do they have to end their career on ‘Honkytonk Stomp?’ at least give us a great one to go out on and remember them by.

    Ronnie’s voice is one of the greatest male country voices today and look forward to a solo record, which is bascially like another B&D record anyways.

  4. Highwaymen, It’s funny you should mention “Honky Tonk Stomp”, because that’s exactly what the CU writers were lamenting in our communications with each other when the news broke.

    It occurs to me that seeing a group or duo announce a breakup is a little different than a solo artist deciding to quit the business or stop recording, because it’s pretty much something they have to announce. If a solo artist decides not to record for awhile, it can just go kind of unnoticed. But with groups and duos, they are kind of obligated to announce it, as it’s a dicision that needs to be more definitive since more than one person is involved in the act.

  5. I was kind of surprised a little bit by the news. However, I think they’re time has passed and they’ve had their fair share of the spotlight for the past few years. That leaves the door wide open for Sugarland to become the new top duo in town (even though they’ve already done that).

    Just a side note, do you think either the CMA’s or ACM’s will give them one more duo award before they ride off into the sunset?? I have a feeling they might…even though they’ve really done little to nothing in the past year or so.

  6. I agree with Leeann. While I haven’t really cared for most of what they put out in the last six years or so, this comes as sad news to me because I grew up listening to them in the 90’s when they’re music was still really good. And, yes, hopefully “Honky Tonk Stomp” will not be their swan song.

  7. I dunno, Marc, I think Alan has had many more good songs this decade, even in the last five years, than B&D have had.I want Alan to do better with his next album, but he’s certainly not on deck for me just yet. Like George Strait, I want to see how long he can go.

  8. I just want to say that Brooks & Dunn are still very popular! I have been to many of their shows, and each one is usually better than the last! They always draw huge crowds, and Ronnie can sing a song like not many others can! They will be missed by many!!

  9. I hate to hear this!!! I think “Believe” is one of the best songs I have heard. I wish them both luck in the future. I am sure that they have made a fair share of money!

  10. I’m surprised so many people have negative comments about these guys. I agree their music hasn’t been as good in recent years as it used to be, but I still contend that they’re one of the best acts around still today and one of very few from the 90s that are still charting. I’ve always loved Brooks & Dunn, and like Leeann, they’re just a household name, synonymous with good country music. I’m sad to see them go.

    With them touring next year, I sort of expect them to release more than just ‘Honky Tonk Stomp’ to radio, so hopefully it won’t be the last single.

  11. I concor and hope they release a single that sums of their career. Maybe they have a song in waiting called, ‘Last Rodeo’ that would coincide with the tour. They can include the song on 1 of 50 possible ‘greatest hits’, ‘best of’ packages that will probably get released next year to capitolize on their split.

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