Rick Trevino Six Pack

Rick TrevinoThe nineties brought some artists who never became full-fledged stars, but were a heck of a lot more than one-hit wonders, either. One of those was Rick Trevino, who showed great promise with a solid gold-selling debut album. Though he strayed too far down the radio fodder road with his next two projects, that approach still produced a #1 hit in “Running Out of Reasons to Run.”

As is often the case with the young stars of the nineties, his more recent work has been strikingly compelling, even though radio hasn’t played it. Here’s a good sampling of underrated artist Rick Trevino.

“Just Enough Rope (Bilingual Version)”
from the 1994 album Rick Trevino

Trevino’s debut single is best heard in both of his native tongues.

“She Can’t Say I Didn’t Cry”
from the 1994 album Rick Trevino

His breakthrough hit has him sounding wiser than his years.

“Doctor Time”
from the 1994 album Rick Trevino

A barroom anthem worthy of Chesnutt, if not Jones.

“Looking For the Light”
from the 1995 album Looking For the Light

The male version of “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye.”

“Bobbie Ann Mason”
from the 1995 album Looking For the Light

Trevino’s grades suffer due to too much female distraction.

“Separate Ways”
a 2007 single release

One of country music’s finest divorce songs, sung from the perspective of an adult child worried about repeating his parents’ fate.


  1. I was just listening to Rick Trevino the other night. ‘Running Out of Reasons to Run’ and ‘I Only Get This Way With You’ are a couple more favorites of mine. ‘She Can’t Say I Didn’t Cry’ is the first song I remember hearing from him, and a great song. I still hear some of those on the radio from time to time.

    You guys are reminding me of how great the 90s were – I miss those days. I know everybody has their own golden age of country music, but nothing compares with the music of my childhood for me – and you’ve been writing about it all month. This is awesome.

  2. I love “Separate Ways”! It’s achingly beautiful in a sad way. I like “Save This One for Me” too. His version of “Just Enough Rope” was much better than Jeff Carson’s.

  3. In a perfect world, “Seperate Ways” would’ve been a big comeback hit for Rick. I absolutely love that song, too. Too bad the label shelved that album.

    “She Can’t Say I Didn’t Cry” and “Doctor Time” are other favorites featured here with others being “Learning As You Go,” “Running Out Of Reasons To Run,” “I Only Get This Way With You,” and “In My Dreams” (another hit that should’ve been.)

    I own his first album and Learning As You Go, and I really enjoy them both. I’m working on getting the others. He’s one of the artists who makes me miss the mid 90’s.

  4. You guys have no clue how obsessed most of my family was, and still is, with Rick Trevino. I can’t count how many times I traveled with my cousins to see him in concert. “Doctor Time,” “Learning As You Go,” “Running Out of Reasons to Run,” and “Bobbie Ann Mason” were some of my favorites. He was definitely one of my favorite artist of the 90’s. Man! how I wish I could go back haha I miss being like 7 or 8 and listening to some of the best country music during one of its most prominent decades!

  5. My favorites are “Learning As You Go”, “Running Out of Reasons To Run” and “I Only Get ThiS Way With You”. Wow, memories. He was one of those who I consistently liked their material, but who I never bought an album by. Think I’ll head over to iTunes and download my faves.

  6. Mna, i really liked his old stuff, but his In My Dreams disc, from 2003 is quite good and as you said in the post, ignored largely. I alos loved his work with Los Super 7.

  7. I found his version of “Just Enough Rope” to be quite awful compared to the Linda Davis one. I must admit that I can’t remember much of his other work, to be honest.

  8. I too miss hearing Rick on the radio, I’m just glad I have all of his music, he has alot of new music, that he wrote and co-wrote, that doesn’t get air time (so sad,cuz it’s great!)What is wrong with the industry? we really enjoy his concerts,we go to almost all of them, when he comes to New Mexico, just waiting til the next one.

  9. rick is one of my top 5 favorite country singers whom i’ve loved since i was in kindergarted. its a shame artists like him, tammy rogers, rhett akins, david kersh, & lila mccann ended up always being overshadowed

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