Deana Carter Six Pack

Deana CarterDeana Carter was one of the first post-Shania Twain female country stars, and she quickly proved she could sell in big numbers. Thanks to the omnipresent smash “Strawberry Wine”, she soon owned a debut album that went platinum five times over.

Radio and retail weren’t as kind to her follow-up projects, and she’d establish a pattern that would later be repeated by Gretchen Wilson – big hit, big debut, sophomore slump, third-album bomb, go indie. Her more recent albums are worth checking out, but acquaint yourself with these major-label essentials first.

“Strawberry Wine”
from the 1996 album Did I Shave My Legs For This?

In an instant, Carter became a star. She was nominated for five CMA awards on the strength of this hit. She won Single of the Year, and Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison shared Song of the Year.

“We Danced Anyway”
from the 1996 album Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Another Berg song, another #1 single for Carter, though this one was quite a bit more carefree, right down to the “la la la” chorus.

“Count Me In”
from the 1996 album Did I Shave My Legs For This?

A beautiful, sensitive performance that slowly builds confidence as it reaches its conclusion.

“Did I Shave My Legs For This?”
from the 1996 album Did I Shave My Legs For This?

After four straight top five hits, including three #1 singles, radio responded with chilliness to the hilarious title cut of Carter’s quintuple platinum debut.

“Absence of the Heart”
from the 1998 album Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

She received a standing ovation when she debuted this song on the 1998 ACM awards.
“Angels Working Overtime”
from the 1998 album Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

A sentimental tale about a girl named Indiana finally finding where she belongs, thanks to angels working overtime.


  1. I only have Did I Shave My Legs For This? I’ve always liked all the singles from it, especially “We Danced Anyway,” “Strawberry Wine,” and “How Do I Get There.” I’d consider “Before We Ever Heard Goodbye” to be a hidden treasure. I’m really considering getting Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, one reason being that I love “Absence Of The Heart.”

  2. “Absence of the Heart” should’ve been a smash. Listen closely to the music fall then pick back up while she sings “We don’t wanna fall apart” in the second chorus; it kills me every time.

  3. Great job covering all of my favorites (particularly “Absence of the Heart” and “Angels Working Overtime”). If someone enjoys these I would also recommend downloading “How Do I Get There” and her 2002 minor comeback “There’s No Limit”.

  4. ^ That was in the mv for “There’s No Limit”

    I love Deana, she’s one of my absolute favorites – I really hope she releases a new album soon

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