Discussion: Non-Hit Singles of the Decade

BillboardPop on those thinking caps; we’ve encountered a dilemma that Wikipedia alone cannot remedy!

See, like any warm-blooded entertainment blog, CU totally gets off on ranking stuff. So naturally, we’ve been hard at work piecing together our opinions on the decade’s finest albums and singles. The former category has proven easy enough to probe; the latter, however, presents a significant challenge, since singles that aren’t mainstream hits are often swept under the public carpet as the years go by.

I think it would be a shame to overlook some of the Aughts’ best work just because of our limited recall and research abilities, though, and I know our readers are diverse and knowledgeable enough to help us fill in the gaps. So I’m inviting everyone to name a bunch of their lesser-known favorites to help us broaden our selection pool (and have a little fun while we’re at it).

For example, my personal list would include:

  • Nickel Creek, “When You Come Back Down”
  • Dolly Parton, “Shine”
  • Alison Krauss & Union Station, “Restless”
  • Alison Krauss & James Taylor, “How’s The World Treating You”
  • Loretta Lynn with Jack White, “Portland, Oregon”
  • Old Crow Medicine Show, “Wagon Wheel”
  • Ryan Adams, “Let It Ride”
  • Pinmonkey, “That Train Don’t Run”
  • Randy Rogers Band, “Somebody Take Me Home”
  • Ashley Monroe, “Satisfied”
  • Bruce Robison, “All Over But the Cryin'”
  • Randy Travis, “Dig Two Graves”

And those are just some of the easy ones. But I’ll let y’all take over: What are some of your favorite non-hit singles from the past decade? Feel free to include anything from any classification of country – mainstream, Alt-Country/Americana, bluegrass, Texas, independent – and definitely include as many as you like, especially if you have a few that haven’t been mentioned yet. If it didn’t go Top 20 and was shipped to radio, it’s fair game!


  1. Hal Ketchum w LeAnn Rimes – In Front of the Alamo
    Trent Summar & New Row Mob – Horseshoes & Handgrenades
    Ty Herndon – Right About Now
    Tift Merritt – Good Hearted Man
    Emily West – Rocks in Your Shoes
    Rissi Palmer – Hold On to Me
    Steve Holy – Men Buy the Drinks
    Mark McGuinn – She Doesn’t Dance
    Suzy Bogguss – In Heaven

    Liked your AK, Pinmonkey & Randy Travis selections.

  2. Charlie Robison – El Cerrito Place
    Mark Chesnutt – A Hard Secret to Keep
    Mark Chesnutt – The Lord Loves the Drinkin’ Man
    Tracy Byrd – Cheapest Motel
    Tracy Byrd – Better Places Than This
    Trisha Yearwood – This Is Me You’re Talking To

  3. Lots of great choices so far.

    Jamey Johnson – High Cost of Living
    Nickel Creek – When in Rome

    I know there are a million others, but those are the only ones I can think of that haven’t been mentioned thus far. You’re not kidding when you say we have limited recall abilities. It doesn’t help that there’s no easily accessible list of songs that didn’t chart high.

  4. Carter Twins – Heart Like Memphis
    Big & Rich – Loud
    Bon Jovi & LeeAnn Rimes – ‘Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore
    Chris Young – Drinkin’ Me Lonely
    Gretchen Wilson – Don’t Do Me No Good
    Faith Hill – Lost
    Trace Adkins – I Wanna Feel Something
    Josh Gracin – Unbelievable (Ann Marie)
    Little Big Town – I’m With the Band
    One More Girl – Misery Loves Company
    Rodney Atkins – Invisibly Shaken
    Whiskey Falls – Last Train Running

  5. Good call on the Alison Krauss songs. I’ll mention Faith Hill’s “Stealing Kisses” and Leann Rimes’ “What I Cannot Change” to start with.

  6. A few more:

    Chris LeDoux – Silence on the Line
    Chris LeDoux – He Rides The Wild Horses
    Miranda Lambert – New Strings
    Miranda Lambert – Me and Charlie Talking
    David Ball – Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level
    David Ball – Louisiana Melody
    Ashton Shepherd – Sounds So Good (#21, so it barely qualifies)
    Dwight Yoakam – I Want You To Want Me
    Rodney Crowell – Earthbound
    Rodney Crowell – Fate’s Right Hand

  7. That’s Why I Hate Pontiacs- Rebecca Lynn Howard
    New Strings- Miranda Lambert
    Wake Up Older- Julie Roberts
    This Is Me You’re Talking To- Trisha Yearwood
    Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago- Lee Ann Womack

  8. What I can recall now

    Julie Roberts – Every single except Break Down Here
    Shelly Fairchild – Kiss Me
    Sarah Buxton – Space
    Joanna Cotten – The Prize

    There so much good music not beying played.

  9. Men & Mascara – Julie Roberts
    Flies On The Butter – The Judds
    Good Friend & A Glass Of Wine – LeAnn Rimes
    I Hear You Knocking – Wynonna
    Busted – Patty Loveless
    Hello God – Dolly Parton
    You’re Gonna Be – Reba
    Tonight – Sara Evans
    Where Are You Now and I Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners – Trisha Yearwood

  10. I’ll admit some of these aren’t critical darlings but at some point I loved them all.

    I Need A Vacation – Rebecca Lynn Howard
    Texas Plates – Kellie Coffey
    Sounds So Good – Ashton Shepherd
    What the World Needs – Wynonna
    Solitary Thinkin’ – Lee Ann Womack
    Good Time – Jessica Andrews
    Live Close By, Visit Often – K.T. Oslin
    Jezebel – Chely Wright
    Shine – JoDee Messina
    Black Cadillac – Rosanne Cash
    What’s the Matter With You Baby – Claudia Church
    When You Come Around – Deric Ruttan (a Canadian hit)

  11. Faith In You – Randy Travis
    Dig Two Graves – Randy Travis
    This Is Me You’re Talking To – Trisha Yearwood
    On Your Way Home – Patty Loveless
    Between The Two Of Them – Tanya Tucker
    What You Give Away – Vince Gill
    The Reason Why – Vince Gill

  12. Patty Loveless – Keep Your Distance
    Reba – You’re Gonna Be
    Reba – Love Needs A Holiday
    SHeDAISY – In Terms of Love
    Rebecca Lynn Howard – What A Shame
    Jessica Andrews – Good Time
    Chely Wright – Jezebel
    Chely Wright – Never Love You Enough
    Emerson Drive – November
    Emerson Drive – Belongs To You
    Sammy Kershaw – I Want My Money Back
    Shania Twain – Rock This Country

  13. Faith Hill;Lost and Stealing kisses
    julie roberts; break down here
    chris young; drinking me lonely
    lori mckenna;you’re next lover
    miranda lambert;bring me down

  14. Eric Church- Sinners Like Me, Lightning (There was a video, not sure if it was technically a single)
    Chris Ledoux- Some Things Never Change, The Ride
    Garth Brooks- Why Ain’t I Running
    Halfway to Hazard- Devil and the Cross
    Tracy Lawrence- If I Don’t Make it Back
    James McMurtry- We Can’t Make it Here
    Sean Patrick McGraw- Dollar Ain’t Worth a Dime
    Luke Bryan- We Rode in Trucks
    Mark McGuinn- She Doesn’t Dance
    Rodney Atkins- Invisibly Shaken

    Not sure what Todd Snider songs are actually singles, but most of them should be on the list.

  15. Country radio has been hit-or-miss for so much of the last decade that it’s easy to forget about the top 30ish or shoulda-been hits, especially since there have been some terrific top 10 singles.

    In compiling my own ballots, I’ve saved room for the following:

    – Ryan Adams, “New York, New York.”
    – Bright Eyes w/ Emmylou Harris, “Another Travelin’ Song.”
    – BR5-49, “Too Lazy to Work (Too Nervous to Steal).”
    – Rosanne Cash, “Radio Operator.”
    – Drive-By Truckers, “Outfit.”
    – The Duhks, “Mists of Down Below.”
    – Mary Gauthier, “Mercy Now.”
    – The Kinleys, “I’m In.”
    – Patty Loveless, “On Your Way Home,” “Keep Your Distance,” “Why Baby Why.”
    – Allison Moorer, “Send Down an Angel,” “All Aboard.”
    – Nickel Creek, “This Side,” “When in Rome.”
    – The Notorious Cherry Bombs, “It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night.”
    – Old Crow Medicine Show, “Wagon Wheel,” “Down Home Girl.”
    – Pinmonkey, “That Train Don’t Run.”
    – Julie Roberts, “Wake Up Older,” “Men & Mascara.”
    – Dale Watson, “Justice for All.”
    – The White Stripes, “Little Ghost.”
    – Kelly Willis, “If I Left You,” “Teddy Boys.”
    – Charlie Robison, “El Cerrito Place.”
    – The Steeldrivers, “Blue Side of the Mountain.”
    – Trisha Yearwood, “Where Are You Now,” “I Don’t Paint Myself into Corners.”
    – Dwight Yoakam, “The Back of Your Hand,” “I Want You to Want Me,” “Close Up the Honky-Tonks.”
    – Pete Yorn, “Life on a Chain.”

  16. Reba ft. Justin Timberlake – The Only Promise That Remains.

    Miranda Lambert – Me and Charlie Talking

    Trisha Yearwood – This is Me You’re Talking To.

    Leann Rimes – What I Cannot Change.

  17. Reba – “Sweet Music Man”
    Faith Hill – “Stealing Kisses”
    Reba/Justin TImberlake – “The Only Promise That Remains”
    LeAnn Rimes – “What I Cannot Change”
    Nickel Creek – “When You Come Back Down”
    Nickel Creek – “The Lighthouse’s Tale”
    Dixie Chicks – “Top of the World”
    Dixie Chicks – “Not Ready To Make Nice”
    Dixie Chicks – “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)”
    Alison Krauss – “Let Me Touch You for Awhile”
    Patty Loveless – “On Your way Home”
    Julie Roberts – “Wake Up Older”
    Julie Roberts – “Break Down Here”
    Trisha Yearwood – “I Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners”
    Trisha Yearwood – “Where Are You Now”
    Wynonna – “Can’t Nobody Love You (Like I Do)”
    THe Judds – “Flies On The Butter”

  18. My List which would consist of my fav. artists includes:
    “Sweet Music Man” Reba McEntire
    “You’re Gonna Be” Reba McEntire
    “Stealing Kisses” Faith Hill
    “Lost” Faith Hill
    “Heaven Help Me” Wynonna Judd (ONE OF THE BEST)
    “Flies On The Butter” The Judds
    “What I Cannot Change” LeAnn Rimes
    “Finding My Way Back Home” Lee Ann Womack
    “Coalmine” Sara Evans
    “Low” Sara Evans (DEF. IN MY TOP 10)
    “Restless” Alison Krauss w/ US
    “Where Are You Now” Trisha Y. (Top 10 for me)
    “This Is Me You’re Talking To” T.Y. (top 10 for me)
    “Mine All Mine” SHeDAISY
    “In Terms Of Love” SHeDAISY
    “Shine” Dolly Parton
    “Dagger Through The Heart” Dolly Parton
    “Travelin’ Thru” Dolly Parton

  19. Ashton Shepherd’s “Sounds So Good”
    Patty Loveless and Travis Tritt- “Out of Control Ragin’ Fire”
    Patty Loveless- “Lovin’ All Night,” “On Your Way Home” … ah,h e l l, anything released by Patty should be a hit!!
    Rebecca Lynn Howard- “Forgive”
    Sara Evans- “Coalmine”
    Sara Evans- “Low”
    Sara Evans- “Tonight”
    Sara Evans- “Backseat of a Greyhound Bus” (and a #16 position on the chart hardly denotes a “hit”!)
    Chely Wright- “She Went Out for Cigarettes”
    Chely Wright- “The River”
    Trisha Yearwood- “Inside Out”
    AKUS- “Goodbye is all We have”
    Cross Canadian Ragweed w/ Leeann Womack- “Sick and Tired”

  20. Most of mine already got picked-

    Sounds So Good by Ashton Shepard got such heavy airplay here that I didn’t realize that it hadn’t charted higher. that’s probably my favorite country single of the last five years. Ditto “Top of The World” by the Dixie Chicks. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a hit, but WOW…that’s one of the most gorgeous songs Ive ever heard…it never fails to give me goosebumps.

    “What I Cannot Change” is my pick for the best single of LeAnn Rimes’ career.

    “On Your Way Home” is amazing and would have without a doubt been a top ten had it been released on The Trouble With The Truth or Fallen Angels.

    My other big one that isn’t listed here is Dolly’s “Jesus & Gravity”. I’m not particularly religious…but Dolly’s vocal was phenomenal…and I still have way too much fun singing along to it in the privacy of my car. haha. it should have a been a hit for her and i sucks that it wasn’t

    You can also place any single released since 2000 by Lucinda Williams. She’s nothing short of a force of nature..and although i think she’s too rough around the edges for mainstream radio to embrace (she makes Gretchen Wilson seem like the tweety bird)…she’s consistantly released some of the best albums in the genre.

    **I would have also included Bomshel’s “Fight Like a Girl” but I’m pretty sure it’s not the song itself that I love as much as I enjoy the lead singers vocals…give her the right material and she could be huge.

  21. Really enjoying reading these lists … a lot of these are my own favorites from the past decade too. It’s fun to see how everybody loves many of the same songs I do, and with so many of us loving these songs, you’d think they would have met more success at radio.

  22. “Not Ready To Make Nice”–The Dixie Chicks
    “Good Hearted Man”–Tift Merritt
    “They Call It Falling For A Reason”–Trisha Yearwood
    “When God-Fearin’ Women Get The Blues”–Martina McBride

  23. I have to agree with J.R. that it seems that with so many people liking these songs that they did not chart higher, but that is the scary part about radio. Which is my I mainly listen to satelitte….

    I would also have to add just about every song that Terri Clark has released in the last nine years.

  24. More than i’ve remembered:

    Jessica Andrews – “Unbreakable Heart”
    Loretta Lynn – “Portland, Oregon”
    Loretta Lynn – “Miss Being Mrs.”
    Sugarland, Jake Owen, Little Big Town – “Life In A Northern Town”
    Johnny Cash – “Hurt”
    Lila McCann – “Come A Little Closer”
    Faith Hill – “You’re Still Here”
    Lee ANn Womack – “Solitary Thinkin'”
    Jessi Alexander – “Make Me Stay or Make Me Go”
    Sara Evans – “Tonight”

  25. While I’ll probably get a lot of flack for this, I’m gonna say it anyways:

    I think that “Portland, Oregon”, at least production-wise, is the biggest piece of crap EVER especially from a traditionalist like Loretta. Now I’m no dedicated traditionalist myself, I often prefer contemporary, but to criticise overbearing production on contemporary songs and not on this overpowered, overdone, completely uncharacteristic tune is just wrong.

    other than that I actually do think a lot of these other songs deserved a better chance. We need a better mix in country radio, not just traditional OR contemporary. Give the public a little of both and we’ll see who the real fans are.

  26. “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” – Shania Twain
    “Top Of The World” – Dixie Chicks (It’s amazing this never even charted.)
    “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)” – Dixie Chicks
    Pretty much every single from the Dixie Chick’s Long Way Around (“I Hope”, “Everybody Knows”, “Voice Inside My Head” – If you’re going to choose any of these VIMH is the one to pick, “The Long Way Around”)
    “Georgia Rain” – Trisha Yearwood
    “Trying To Love You” – Trisha Yearwood
    “When The Lights Go Down” – Faith Hill
    “You’re Still Here” – Faith Hill
    “Does My Ring Burn Your Finger” – Lee Ann Womack
    “Something Worth Leaving Behind” – Lee Ann Womack
    “He Oughta Know That By Now” – Lee Ann Womack
    “Mendocino County Line” – Lee Ann Womack & Willie Nelson (This song seems so timeless that it’s had to believe it only made it to #22 on the charts)
    “When You Come Back To Me Again” – Garth Brooks
    “Why Ain’t I Running” – Garth Brooks
    “Where Are You Know” – Trisha Yearwood
    “I Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners” – Trisha Yearwood
    “This Is Me You’re Talking To” – Trisha Yearwood

  27. My favorites are:
    Sarah Buxton- That Kind Of Day
    Sarah Buxton- Space
    The Judds- Flies on the Butter
    Reba- You’re Gonna Be
    Sherrie Austin- Drvin’ into the Sun
    Lila McCan-I Can Do This
    Patty Loveless- On Your Way Home
    Pam Tillis- Please
    Trisha Yearwood- This is Me You’re Talking To
    Jewel- I Do
    Kathy Mattea- The Trouble With Angels
    Dolly Parton- Jesus and Gravity
    Tammy Cochran-So What
    Carolyn Dawn Johnson- Die of a Broken Heart
    Terri Clark- Gypsy Boots
    The Trio- After The Goldrush
    Little Big Town-Good as Gone
    Lee Ann Womack- Solitary Thinkin’
    Jo Dee Messina-Im Done
    I know I have no male artist on the list, but what can I say I love the females voices!

  28. I think that “Portland, Oregon”, at least production-wise, is the biggest piece of crap EVER especially from a traditionalist like Loretta.

    I agree that the production was overbearing. It’s probably my least favorite track from Van Lear Rose.

  29. Thought of a few more:

    – Dolly Parton, “Little Sparrow”
    – Cross Canadian Ragweed, “17”
    – Cowboy Troy, “I Play Chicken With the Train”
    – Mindy Smith, “Come to Jesus” (her other singles I probably wouldn’t consider country)

    Great suggestions so far, y’all, keep them coming!

  30. I have one more I forgot and its one of my favorites of all time. Its Rebecca Lynn Howards “I DontPaintMyself Into Corners”. I Like Trishas version, but the origional by Rebecca is ten times better. When she sings this song you feel the pain and know for sure she won’t let this happen again. She is truely one of the best artist that country radio has choosed to ignore and that’s just plain sad.

  31. All of you folks that mentioned “Flies on the Butter” by the Judds – I forgot how good that song is…Radio programmers all over the country should be ashamed that they didn’t make this song a hit – The Judds are legendary in country music, and not to play this song would be like pop radio not playing a Beatles song that was newly released – Nancy Jones is right, right, right!

  32. hehe I actually have a lot of the maintstream singles listed out on my computer. I have too much time on my hands I think. I’ll post all the one’s I think shouldn’t be missed.

    Ryan Adams – “New York, New York” / “So Alive” / “Halloweenhead”
    Trace Adkins – “I Wanna Feel Something” / “‘Til The Last Shot’s Fired”
    Jessi Alexander – “Honeysuckle Sweet” / “Canyon Prayer”
    John Anderson – “A Woman Knows” / “Cold Coffee & Hot Beer”
    Jessica Andrews – “The Marrying Kind”
    Lisa Angelle – “A Woman Gets Lonely”
    Rodney Atkins – “Invisibly Shaken”
    Sherrie Austin – “Drivin’ Into The Sun” / “In The Meantime” / “Jolene”
    Steve Azar – “I Won’t Let You Lead Me Down” / “You’re My Life”
    Star De Azlan – “She’s Pretty” / “Like A Rose”
    David Ball – “Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level”
    Blue County – “I Get To”
    Bluefield – “Butterfly”
    Bomshel – “The Power Of One”
    Paul Brandt – “That Hurts”
    Lee Brice – “Happy Endings”
    Catherine Britt – “The Upside Of Being Down” / “What I Did Last Night”
    Lisa Brokop – “Hey Do You Know Me” / “Big Picture”
    Shannon Brown – “Baby I Lied”
    Sarah Buxton – “Space”
    Tracy Byrd – “Cheapest Motel” / “Tiny Town”
    Chris Cagle – “Anywhere But Here”
    Caitlin & Will – “Even Now” / “Adress In The Stars”
    George Canyon – “My Name”
    Mary Chapin Carpenter – “This Is Me Leaving You” / “On With The Song”
    Rosanne Cash – “September When It Comes” / “Radio Operator”
    Marcel Chagnon – “Tennessee” / “Believin'” / “I Love This Song”
    Kasey Chambers – “Cry Like A Baby” / “Not Pretty Enough” / “Pony” / Rattlin’ Bones”
    Mark Chesnutt – “She Couldn’t Get Me Over You”
    Terri Clark – “No Fear” / “Empty” / “Three Mississippi” / “The World Needs A Drink” / “She Didn’t Have Time” / “Gypsy Boots” / “If You Want Fire”
    Tammy Cochran – “The Ride Of Your Life”
    Kellie Coffey – “I Would Die For That”
    Elizabeth Cook – “Stupid Things” / “Ruthless” / “Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman”
    John Corbett – “Bottle Of Whiskey”
    Joanna Cotten – “The Prize”
    Daisy Dern – “Getting Back To You”
    Amy Dalley – “I Think You’re Beautiful” / “Men Don’t Change” / “I Would Cry”
    Clint Daniels – “The Letter (Almost Home)”
    Joey Daniels – “Swinging Door”
    Kevin Denney – “A year At A Time”
    Dixie Chicks – Anything that didn’t hit top 20
    Amber Dotson – “I’ll Try Anything”
    Whitney Duncan – “The Bed That You Made”
    KAthleen Edwards – “Six O’Clock News” / “Back To Me” / “I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory”
    Meredith Edwards – “A Rose Is A Rose” (Guilty Pleasure and Emily West is in the video)
    Katrina Elam – “No End In Sight” / “Love Is…”
    Eli Young Band – “When It Rains” / “Guinevere”
    Emerson Drive – “November” / “You Still Own Me”
    Erika Jo – “I’m Not Lisa”
    Sara Evans – “Tonight” / “Coalmine” / “Low”
    Jace Everett – “Bad Things” / “Nowhere In The Neighborhood”
    Shelly Fairchild – “You Don’t Lie Here Anymore” / “Tiny Town” / “Kiss Me”
    Radney Foster – “Everyday Angel” / “Scary Old World” / “Half My Mistakes”
    Vince Gill – “The Reason Why” / “What You Give Away”
    Josh Gracin – “Telluride”
    Pat Green – “Carry On”
    Hanna-McEuen – “Something Like A Broken Heart”
    Jennifer Hanson – “’73 (Everything Changes)”
    Susan Haynes – “Drinkin’ In My Sunday Dress”
    Eric Heatherly – “Swimming In Champagne” / “The Last Man Committed” / “Sometimes It’s Just Your Time”
    Faith Hill – “You’re Still Here” / “Stealing Kisses”
    Steve Holy – “Rock-A-Bye Heart” / “Might Have Been”
    Rebecca Lynn Howard – “I Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners” / “No One’ll Ever Love Me” / “That’s Why I Hate Pontiacs” / “Sing Cause I Love To”
    Jedd Hughes – “Soldier For The Lonely”
    Sonya Isaacs – “Barefoot In The Grass” / “No Regrets Yet”
    Emma Jacob – “Juliana”
    Joanna Janet – “Since I’ve Seen You Last”
    The Jenkins – “Blame It On Mama” / “Getaway Car”
    Matt Jenkins – “King Of The Castle” / “Bad As I Want To”
    Jewel – “Til It Feels Like Cheating”
    Joey+Rory – “Play The Song”
    Carolyn Dawn Johnson – “Georgia” / “Die Of A Broken Heart” / “Taking Back My Brave”
    Jamey Johnson – “High Cost Of Living” / “My Way To You”
    George Jones – “You And Me And Time”
    Jypsi – “I Don’t Love You Like That”
    Alison Krauss – “Simple Love”
    Miranda Lambert – “New Strings” / “Dead Flowers”
    Blaine Larsen – “I Don’t Know What She Said” / “Spoken Like A Man”
    Tracy Lawrence – “Used To The Pain” / “If I Don’t Make It Back” / “Til I Was A Daddy Too” / “Up To Him”
    Aaron Lines – “Waiting On The Wonderful”
    Little Big Town – “Fine Line”
    Brice Long – “It’s Only Monday”
    Patty Loveless – “Out Of Control Raging Fire” / “On Your Way Home” / “Keep Your Distance” / “Busted”
    Lauren Lucas – “The Carolina Kind”
    “Rockie Lynne – “Lipstick” / “I Can’t Believe It’s Me”
    Reba McEntire – “Sweet Music Man”
    Tift Merritt – “Good Hearted Man” / “Stray Paper”
    Jo Dee Messina – “It’s Too Late To Worry” / “I’m Done” / “Shine”
    Lance Miller – “The Beach”
    Ashley Monroe – “Satisfied” / “I Don’t Want To”
    Megan Mullins – “Cryin’ Days” / “Long Past Gone”
    Minnie Murphy – “Take Me To Texas Tonight”
    Gary Nichols – “I Can’t Love You Anymore”
    Jamie O’Neal – “Shiver” / “Like A Woman” / “Soldier Comin’ Home”
    The Parks – “Where The Truth Lies” / “As Long As You’re Going My Way”
    Dolly Parton – “Better Get To Livin’ / “Jesus & Gravity” / “Backwoods Barbie”
    Danielle Peck – “Isn’t That Everything”
    Pinmonkey – “Barbed Wire And Roses”
    Rachel Proctor – “Days Like This”
    Julie Reeves – “What I Need”
    LeAnn Rimes – “Suddenly” / “Some People” / “And It Feels Like” / “What I Cannot Change”
    River Road – “Til Now”
    Ray Scott – “My Kind Of Music” / “I Didn’t Come Here To Talk”
    Lisa Shaffer – “Just One”
    Crystal Shawanda – “You Can Let Go” / “Try”
    SHeDAISY – “Mine All Mine” / “In Terms Of Love”
    Blake Shelton – “When Somebody Knows You That Well”
    Ashton Shepherd – “Sounds So Good”
    Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band – “Dream Big”
    Anthony Smith – “John J. Blanchard”
    Jeffery Steele – “Once A Cowboy”
    Sunny Sweeney – “If I Could”
    Tebey – “We Shook Hands (Man To Man)”
    Chalee Tennison – “Just Because She Lives There” / “Easy Lovin’ You”
    Keni Thomas – “Not Me” / “Shreveport To L.A.”
    Cyndi Thomson – “I Always Liked That Best”
    Pam Tillis – “So Wrong” / “Band In The Window” / “The Hard Way”
    Aaron Tippin – “He Believed”
    Trent Tomlinson – “Just Might Have Her Radio On” / “Henry Cartwright’s Produce Stand”
    Rick Trevino – “In My Dreams” / “Separate Ways”
    Trick Pony – “A Boy Like You” / “The Bride” / “It’s A Heartache” / “Ain’t Wasting Good Whiskey On You”
    Josh Turner – “She’ll Go On You”
    Lane Turner – “Always Wanting More (Breathless)” / “Where’s A Sunset (When You Need One)”
    Shania Twain – “Rock This Country” / “When You Kiss Me” / “I Ain’t No Quitter”
    Van Zant – “Goes Down Easy”
    Phil Vassar – “Prayer Of A Common Man”
    Rhonda Vincent – “In Not Over You” / “If Heartaches Had Wings” / “Heartbreaker’s Alibi” / “I Gotta Start Somewhere”
    Clay Walker – “Fore She Was Mama” / “She Likes It In The Morning”
    Mike Walker – “Honey Do”
    The Warren Brothers – “That’s The Beat Of A Heart” / “Where Does It Hurt” / “Sell A Lot Of Beer” / “Change”
    Emily West – “Rocks In Your Shoes” / “Annie Gonna Get A New Gun” / “That Kind Of Happy”
    Whiskey Falls – “Last Train Running”
    Amanda Wilkinson – “Gone From Love Too Long”
    The Wilkinsons – “1999”
    Holly Williams – “Keep The Change” / “Sometimes” / “Mama”
    Gretchen Wilson – “I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today” / “Come To Bed” / “Don’t Do Me No Good” / “If I Could Do It All Again”
    Lee Ann Womack – “Does My Ring Burn Your Finger” / “The Wrong Girl” / “He Oughta Know That By Now” / “Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago” / “Finding My Way Back Home” / “Solitary THinkin'”
    Darryl Worley – “Family Tree” / “Tennessee River Run” / “Livin’ In The Here And Now”
    Chely Wright – “She Went Out For Cigarettes” / “Jezebel” / “Back Of The Bottom Drawer” / “The River” / “C’est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)”
    The Wrights – “Down This Road” / “On The Rocks”
    Trisha Yearwood – “Where Are You Now” / “I Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners” / “Trying To Love You” / “This Is Me You’re Talking To” / “They Call It Falling For A Reason”
    Dwight Yoakam – “I Was There” / “The Back Of Your Hand” / “Blame The Vain” / “I Wanna Love Again”
    Chris Young – “Drinkin’ Me Lonely”

  33. Trisha Yearwood has released alot of great work but the highlights that missed the charts are
    “Where Are You Now”
    “I Dont Paint Myself Into Corners”

    “This Is Me..” and “Georgia Rain” are good too but they both were in the top 25 so i consider that a hit i suppose??
    Also I am not a Sara Evans fan but I always liked “Tonight” and that was overlooked greatly

  34. From Patty Loveless:

    Keep Your Distance
    Crazy Arms
    Why Baby Why
    On Your Way Home

    From Sara Evans:

    From Dwight Yoakam:
    Intentional Heartache

    From Lori McKenna:

    From Jamey Johnson:
    The High Cost of Living

  35. thanks for the list Jordan, I used it as a check list for new downloads. Alot of those songs I havent heard in years and even forgot about. Like Cheapest Motel, No One’ll Ever Love Me, Stupid Things among others, thanks for getting me reaquainted with some great songs.

  36. Glad to see one of my favorite singers, Lisa Brokop, on Jordan’s amazing list. I don’t know if her songs are ever released to U.S. radio stations.

    some others:

    Ronnie Milsap – Local Girls
    Mark Chesnutt – When You Love Her Like Crazy
    Carolina Rain – Dealin, Get Outtta My Way, Isn’t She
    Rhonda Vincent – I’ve Forgotten You
    Marc Broussard – Home (I remember seeing the video on CMT), When It’s Good (duet w LeAnn Rymes)

  37. Sara Evans – “Coalmine,” “Low,” “Love You with All My Heart,” and “Feels Just Like a Love Song”
    Trisha Yearwood – “Trying to Love You,” “This Is Me You’re Talking To”
    Miranda Lambert – “Bring Me Down,” “Dead Flowers”
    Kate & Kacey – “Dreaming Love”
    Kellie Pickler – “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful”
    Dolly Parton – “Better Get to Livin’,” “Backwoods Barbie,” “Hello God,” “Little Sparrow”
    Bucky Covington – “I Want My Life Back”
    Billy Ray Cyrus – “Somebody Said a Prayer”
    Josh Turner – “She’ll Go on You,” “What It Ain’t”
    Terri Clark – “She Didn’t Have Time,” “Three Mississippi,” “Gypsy Boots”
    The Wreckers – “Tennessee”
    Crystal Shawanda – “Dawn of a New Day”
    Chris Young – “Voices”
    Joey + Rory – “Cheater, Cheater,” “To Say Goodbye”
    Deana Carter – “In a Heartbeat,” “One Day at a Time”
    Gretchen Wilson – “If I Could Do It All Again,” “Come to Bed”
    Little Big Town – “Good Lord Willing”
    SHeDAISY – “In Terms of Love,” “Mine All Mine”
    Martina McBride – “You Ain’t Woman Enough”
    Jo Dee Messina – “I’m Done,” “It’s Too Late to Worry”

  38. “I Ain’t Got It All That Bad” by Montgomery Gentry and featuring Hank Williams, Jr. It is a more heartfelt, less cliche version of “Lucky Man.” Not sure why they never released it because it is one of my favorites.

  39. Thanks guys, I have a whole list of singles released. I’m always updating it when I find more info. I actually missed a couple that I would’ve added such as the one Scott mentions Ryan Tyler’s “Run, Run, Run” and her other one was ok too (“The Last Thing She Said”) I’d also add Ragdale’s “Glad It Was You”. Still trying to find a good version of that one.

    I have the peak positions for all the singles if anybody’s ever interested in knowing.

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