Review: Jewel, “Stay Here Forever”

Once applauded for her introspective songs and uniquely intriguing voice, it is disappointing to hear that both strengths are imperceptible in this trainwreck of a song. As a result, “embarrassing” is the only word that aptly describes Jewel’s latest single, “Stay Here Forever.”

Produced by Nathan Chapman (yes, Taylor Swift), “Stay Here Forever” sounds like a Swift castoff. In other words, it sounds as though it is purposely reaching to be like a Swift song, but still manages to miss the mark by not sounding nearly as credible. Sure, the bouncy guitar riff, the “oohs” “ahs”, and exaggerated, childish nasal voice are all there, but it just doesn’t sound natural coming from a thirty-six year-old woman whose music career first consisted of a well-respected album full of much more mature material than lyrics such as “’Cause if you wanna go/Baby, let’s go/If you wanna rock/
I’m ready to roll.”

While it is nice that Jewel has chosen to continue courting the country market after her first country album was only marginally successful, it is a shame that she is pursuing it in this way. Not only has it met with cringeworthy results, but it is a waste of good talent that we happen to already know exists, which is the real kicker.

Grade: C

Listen: Jewel, “Stay Here Forever”


  1. right on the money!

    if jewel was releasing a debut single — then this would hav been passable. not that this is a bad song ,but we all know she could have done better — that’s the thing.

  2. …the woman in the song doesn’t seem to have many ideas of her own apart from being open to almost any of her “baby’s” potential suggestions. if this is a kind of an answer-song to all these countryboy hyms of lately then taylor swift will soon have a field day writing songs about teenage pregnancies. if it’s not an answer song – it isn’t any less poor an effort.

  3. Note to self: Do not disappoint Leeann.

    Still, as harsh as the review was, I can’t say it’s unjustified. I liked a lot of the folk/pop songs that Jewel did, and I don’t understand why she’s felt the need to drop 50 IQ points in order to write country songs.

  4. I love Jewel, and I did like this song… but its from the soundtrack of a romantic comedy, so its not like she was striving for perfection, or required of it in this case

    For a romantic movie, this song is quite good

  5. with all due respect.. remind me again why this is on a country website? Despite what CMT/GAC want to cram down people’s throats.. and despite her unfortunate teeth.. Jewel is less country than Jessica Simpson..

  6. If it’s sent to country radio, it’s fair game for review fodder here. The dig about her teeth does negate your “with all due respect” qualifier though.

  7. I love music very very colorful rock n roll songs hopefully it was good and I am ready to listen to succeed well for the upcoming album, hopefully more smoothly than before. when I can come play in Indonesia?? me wait

  8. I love the song! At first I didn’t but after a few listens it grows on you and gets stuck in your head. I prefer this to Taylor or Carrie anyday!

  9. I disagree somewhat with your review. I do not think the song is as terrible as you make it seem. Keep in mind that this song is for Valentine’s Day, a romantic comedy. I think the song serves its purpose for the theme of the movie..

    I do agree though, that this is 100% Taylor Swift fare. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think Swift does this kind of song best. It definitely sounds like something she would write and sing.

    The one thing that bothers me, that apparently doesn’t bother anybody else, is the chorus. I like some parts of the chorus, but I absolutely hate how it seems to get out of timing. Forgive me for the lack of clear explanation, but give it another listen and you might know what I mean. This “out of timing” bit I’m talking about comes with the lines “We can slow down together” and “We can lay here forever.” It just sounds like it doesn’t fit. Its like in the middle of the chorus, they decide to switch the time signature or something. The lines flow nicely at first, and it’s all even, and then the lines I mention above come in and ruins the chorus. It’s beyond me why through the songwriting process, and then the recording process, nobody thought it was odd.

  10. This may be her new way of setting her own career given the worldwide success of Taylor Swift. Besides, she does not look to be in here thirties already.

  11. the songs great!!!!!i connect to it bcuz i’ll do anything for the one i love.
    i’m sure many others fell the same way

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