Single Review: Trace Adkins, “This Ain’t No Love Song”

Trace Adkins has been around for a long time, perhaps even been counted out once or twice along the way.  He’s had a handful of big singles that have brought back some forward momentum when his career has started to lull.

But even when he has faltered, it usually hasn’t been because of a lack of good material or good vocal performances.  But therein lies the rub: his material and vocal performances are usually good, not great.

“This Ain’t No Love Song” continues that pattern.  This is a good song, and he sings it well. But it’s not a great song, and he doesn’t sing it well enough to elevate it beyond what it already is.

Grade: B

Listen: This Ain’t No Love Song


  1. …if chesney is the dark night of the “average empire”, trace adkins is the white one. rock solid song – like the man himself. is excellent average actually more like excellent or average?

  2. But even when he has faltered, it usually hasn’t been because of a lack of good material or good vocal performances.

    I’d say that when he has faltered, it HAS been because of a lack of good material: i.e., “Chrome”, “Swing” and “Honkytonk Badonkadonk” among others. Trace is a great singer with a spotty record when it comes to picking great songs.

  3. I loved “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”, and it would be ridiculous to say that it made his career falter, given that it powered the Songs About Me set to double platinum.

    I think he’s had a lot of great songs that kept him in the game, even if they weren’t huge hits, like “I’m Tryin'”, “Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone”, “Then They Do”, “All I Ask For Anymore” and “I Wanna Feel Something.”

    His novelty records have mucked things up, but usually just the really bad ones like “Swing” and “Chrome.”

    But he’s stayed in the game longer than most artists who don’t consistently top the charts. Of his 28 official singles, 26 of them have gone top thirty, 22 have gone top twenty, and 14 have gone top ten. Not a bad run, but that so many of them stop before the top ten shows that he’s never quite made it to the A-list.

  4. You’ve been giving a lot of good reviews lately. Im gonna keep a running tally. Its not that I disagree with your good reviews. people need to know your reviews are good. And yeah critics just criticize but I’m WAYNOE. I make a lot of money and I even have an education. More than you I bet. Yeah.

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