A Bountiful Harvest

This fall, there seems to be as many new albums from significant country artists as I can remember.  Just look at Roughstock’s indispensable Fall 2010 Releases list.

New releases are on the way from no less than eight past CMA Entertainer of the Year nominees and winners, along with current top sellers Zac Brown Band, Billy Currington, Jamey Johnson, and Montgomery Gentry.

So head on over to see that list, then come back to answer this question:

What Fall 2010 CD Release are you most excited for?

For me, it’s no contest. I can’t wait to hear Sugarland’s The Incredible Machine.  Their last studio set, Love On the Inside, is my favorite mainstream country album of the past five years, and I still haven’t gotten tired of the covers they included in their stopgap set Live On the Inside.

Plus, “Stuck Like Glue” is my favorite lead single from any of their albums so far, no small feat given my deep affection for “Want To.”  Given that a new Dixie Chicks album comes along about as quickly as a Senator goes up for re-election, I need a fix of music from a really great country band, stat.


  1. Most excited to hear the new Little Big Town, which is on its way right now. They’ve yet to make a fully brilliant album, but their highlights are always great.

    Also curious to hear the Zac Brown Band, Band Perry, LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift and – for once – Kenny Chesney. Gotta listen through the advances of Jamey Johnson and Joey + Rory again.

  2. Zac Brown Band & Jamey Johnson.
    There’s at least 5 or 6 albums that I’ll be buying in the month of September.
    Guess I’ll have to look for a second job to pay for my hits.

  3. Meh. I skimmed and found nothing that really called out to me. I guess I’m aging out of the target demographic!

    I still enjoy Kenny Chesney as an album artist, so I’m looking forward to his next release, but it’s not an overwhelming enthusiasm right now. Otherwise, the only thing on this calendar that piques my curiosity is the sophomore effort by Joey + Rory. I found their debut a likable, friendly organic release that didn’t feel nearly as commercial as most newcomers have in the last several years.

    I might bite on that Loretta Lynn tribute, depending on the participants, and the Brad Paisley hits collection. Maybe.

  4. Sugarland is the album I look forward to the most even though I’m not wild about “Stuck Like Glue”. Nettles is so good.

    I’ll probably buy the ZBB album because I enjoyed their first cd so much, except for Chicken Fried.

    For my taste, 2010 has been a really bad year so far for country music.

  5. The new Sugarland album is at the top of my wish list right now. I don’t yet own any of their albums, and I think this new one might be a great one to start with, especially since I’m already rapping along with “Stuck Like Glue” nonstop.

    I’m also considering buying the debut album from the Band Perry, since they seem to have a really cool sound that I like. I’m also looking forward to hearing the LeAnn Rimes covers album, especially after hearing that amazing first single.

    Also might buy the new Joey + Rory album, since I really enjoy their more traditional style of country music. It’ll be tough deciding what to spend my money on with all these great new albums coming out!

    I’m not entirely sure whether or not I’ll be buying the new Taylor Swift album. I told myself that I wouldn’t, especially since I didn’t really like the first single. But I have a feeling that sooner or later I’ll end up accidentally buying it, just like I did with “Fearless.” Oh well!

    “I might bite on that Loretta Lynn tribute, depending on the participants, and the Brad Paisley hits collection. Maybe.” – Ditto to what Travis said

  6. James Otto, Billy Currington, Rascal Flatts, ZBB, LeAnn Rimes, Sugarland (!), the Loretta Lynn tribute album…and a few others.

    I like the new Little Big Town album but not sure if I love it. I need to soak on it.

  7. September 14 is a big release day for me. Including Joey+Rory and JameyJohnson (both of which I’ve already heard and like, though I have to listen to Johnson some more as his album is so long that it’s hard to find time to spend quality time with it.), I’m excited about Justin Townes Earle and the SteelDrivers’ new albums. Mollie O’Brien (Tim O’brien’s sister) and her husband, Rich Moore are also releasing an album on the 14th, which is good. Robert Plant is also releasing an album on that day on Rounder Records, which interests me as well. So, like I said, September 14 is where it’s at for me. The fall is rife with exciting releases.

    I’m also interested in the LeAnn Rimes and have hope for Kenny Chesney, since he says it’ll be different and Guy Clark has a great cut as the title track. Albums by Jerry Lee Lewis and the Zac Brown Band promise to be good as well. The advance of Billy Currington is better than his last album, though it’s still not anything to write home about, but the Joe Diffie bluegrass album to be released in late October is really good.


    Rough Stock has a good mainstream list, but here’s a more extensive list for those who are interested in some nonmainstream releases:


  8. for me it’s gonna be Reba!!!!!!!!!!! Glad she didnt wait 2 years to put out a new one. You gotta strike while your hot!!!!!!!!!!Also the LBT album!!!! Love them

  9. I’m really interested to hear the new Flatts record, especially after hearing these comments:

    “The immediate future for Rascal Flatts includes a new album, Nothing Like This, scheduled to release Nov. 16 on their new label, Big Machine Records. According to DeMarcus, it will complete the 10-year saga by harking back to aspects of the band’s earlier sound. “The first couple of records we did with Dann (Huff, producer), Me and My Gang and Still Feels Good, we went down a path to where we really captured the high energy of our shows — a lot of big arena-rock sound and big massive ballads. It was a bit of a departure for us from Feels Like Today and Melt, which tended to be more rootsy and a little more Country and focused on our vocals more than our big-band presentation.”

    “I feel we’ve recaptured a little bit of what the old Flatts records were about, both with being a little more Country and a little more focused on the vocals and not so much on the bigness of things,” Rooney concurred. “We’ve gone back to a little bit more of the heart and soul of what the older Flatts (albums) were about”

    I’m curious to hear more about the Lynn/Travis albums, and may even invest in at least one of them, depending on the artists participating.

    I’m intrigued to see what Carrie and Randy will come up with, especially knowing the level of respect and commitment Carrie has to older country music.

    Although I’ve yet to invest in any of ZZB’s albums, I have liked several of their recent singles, and might take a listen to this set.

    I listened to the new Little Big Town album today, and I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did.
    “Little White Church” has grown on me since the first listen, and I absolutely love “Kiss Goodbye” and “Shut Up Train.”

    I do think the harmony style is overbearing at times though, so I don’t know if I’ll be won over as a big fan of LBT just yet.

    I saw them open for Carrie Underwood in 2008, and although I still have yet to own an album, they are an excellent live act, and I think their energy and four-part harmony comes off as much more athentic in a live setting more than a recording studio.

    I’ve loved James Otto’s voice since “Just Got Started Lovin You” was released a few years ago, but I can’t say for sure whether I will purchase this album.

    I’m no Kenny fan, but I’m mildy curious to see what “Hemingway’s Whiskey” has in store, especially after seeing the not-so-typical-Chesney tracklist a few days ago.

    There are a lot of albums I’m curious about, but I’d have to listen to some of them before making a choice on which ones to purchase. I usually only buy albums from artists I know I will be statisfied with, otherwise I end up listening to the album, and maybe purchasing a few indivdual tracks, after listening to the full album online.

    This is a little off-topic, but has anyone heard about the new album from Keith Urban? There have been pictures of him recording in the studio, but there’s been no mention of a release in the near future.

    It looks like this year could be a promising year filled with a few (long overdue) quality albums.

  10. K,
    I’m with you on Little Big Town all the way. I’ve said it before, but I find them much more interesting when they’re singing live than what I hear from them on studio recordings. I’m guessing their show choir harmony style translates better in a live setting. I wasn’t blown over by what I’ve heard from the record, but I’ve only heard clips. I like “Little White Church” though.

    I’m actually curious about the Flatts’ record too. I’m not expecting to love it, but it seems that I could cherry pick from it.


  11. Leann,

    I completely agree. LBT is an outstanding live act, and it’s impressive to watch their raw talent unfold in that type of setting.

    The main issue I have with them is that their style of harmony comes off as a bit grating in recordings, but it comes off as impressive and autentic when you’re able to see them recreate the sound in a live setting.

    I would enjoy them more if they showcased their own vocals, instead of letting the harmony be the main focial point of their sound. I’ve always thought of harmony as something that should serve as an asset to a band, but not something that overshadows the music- which tends to happen a lot with LBT recordings.

    I’ve also never liked the “chiorlike” sound that some bands tend to aquire when using too much harmony- thus the case with LBT.


    Ditto with the Flatts comments. I’ve always found myself enjoying each record they’ve put out thus far, but this new direction is refreshing.

    Because each record has grown on me, I think I forgot how Rascal Flatts sounds at their best- with the natural vocals and joyful production. But after hearing “Why Wait”, I can now fully appreciate the people who enjoyed their earlier material.

    Although a lot of their earlier gems are still some of my favorite songs of all time (“These Days, “My Worst Fear, Like I Am,” “I’m Movin On, “See Me Through”), but I will be absolutely thrilled if they match a few quality songs with songs that are less produced that fit the tone and range of Gary’s voice, like a lot of their early cuts did.

    I’m curious to hear the duet with Natasha Benningfield, and I’m hoping the tracklist will be released soon.

  12. I have been anticipating new Sugarland music since their Live On The Inside set… I am very entertained by their music and have high hopes for their fourth official studio release. That record (The Incredible Machine) seems very promising.

    Of course, I am very excited for Reba’s new release, I am hoping that it will at least have some good tracks like her last album: Keep On Loving You. Plus, the title (All The Woman I Am) makes it seem like a very interesting album, so I can’t wait!

    Another artist I am curious to hear is Rimes, even though it is a covers album (Lady & Gentleman), I think that if her covers are as awesome as her cover of “Swingin’,” then I will LOVE it for sure.

    Other than those three, no one else really appeals to me as an artist where I collect EVERY one of their CDs. I am glad that the three I mentioned are spaced out far enough that I can enjoy their new music and get new music when I start to taper off with the artist.

    However, I will say that I am curious about Rascal Flatt’s new sound on their new album (Nothing Like This), so I have high hopes for them; if at least i could, like Leann says, “Cherry pick” some songs, then I’ll be a happy camper. And I’ll try to give Swift’s new CD (Speak Now) a listen.

    That’s it from this end.

  13. Although underwhelmed by the lead single, I’ll definitely pick up Reba’s newest. I think I’ve gotten every album of hers on release day since 1993’s Greatest Hits Volume 2.

    I love Greatest Hits collections and I’ve been waiting for Brad Paisley’s for years. The Montgomery Gentry one, however, is puzzling.

    I’ll hold off on Little Big Town. I need to hear more and I’ve already purchased “Little White Church” on iTunes so I can wait.

    I liked “Swingin” and I’m generally a sucker for cover albums, so I may pick up LeAnn Rimes. I love that Vince Gill is producing and she’s covering the criminally forgotten John Conlee.

    I’m on the fence about Sugarland and the Zac Brown Band. I’m sure I’ll probably pick up The Incredible Machine eventually since I’ve got their other releases and they, along with Miranda Lambert, have been my favorite act in the last five years. Zac Brown Band has also quickly become one of my favorites. I think they (and probably not a popular choice, but Keith Urban) have released some of my favorite singles in 2010.

    Curious about the Rascal Flatts release. I’m also eager to see the artists on the Loretta Lynn tribute.

    Least interested in… Toby Keith.

  14. I’ll also add I’m not too optimistic about the new Taylor Swift album. I’ve liked a few of her past singles (“White Horse,” “Fifteen,” “Our Song, and “Love Story),” but I think “Mine” is one of her blander efforts.

    She’s a “hit or-miss” writer for me, so I will be curious to see how (or if) she matures, and if her writing has evolved from her past two albums.

    I can’t imagine I’d purchase the album though, just because I’m not a huge fan of the tone of her voice, and I have trouble ignoring her shortcomings as a vocalist, and her writing has been limited thus far in her career.

    As someone that’s only a year younger than Taylor, I can safely say some of us don’t let our lives revolve around failed (or perfect) romances that probably won’t last for more than a year. (:


    Is anyone excited about the new Toby Keith album?? I love a lot of his early material, and I saw him live a couple times in that period, but I think most people- including his hardcore fans- can see his music has taken a turn for the worst over the past several years.

    It’s kind of sad to me that Toby decided to record his worst material once he opened Showdog Records; he’s got complete control over every aspect of his career, yet he (presumably) still has a zest to record horrific songs like “She’s A Hottie,” “High Matience Woman” and Traliorhood?

    If this is his “true” artistic vision, than what a sad waste of a great talent.

  15. I’m actually most excited for a non-country release: Maroon %’s new album. Although the country line up looks good. I’m keen to hear Chesney’s new album.

  16. I really can’t wait for the Darryl Worley album!

    Okay, I’m joking.

    The real answer is somewhere between LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire. I’m one of a minority who quite liked the Reba single, and I’m always hungry for new music from her. And I’m really interested to see what LeAnn can do with the covers album.

    I also already have the Jamey Johnson album on pre-order, and intend to do the same for Joey + Rory.

  17. After listening to ZBB’s live album and seeing that a lot of those songs are on the new studio CD (like “Colder Weather” and “Who Knows”), I am extremely excited about their new album. Their first single only reinforces this.

    Extremely excited about Jamey Johnson and Ryan Bingham’s new albums as well.

  18. The LBT album is a step in the right direction for them, I think. It manages to sound refreshing, at least, without being great. Its weakness, I think is that it starts and ends so limply and without the band’s signature groove. But the middle section of The Reason Why, starting with “Shut Up Train” and closing with “All the Way Down,” showcases LBT channeling its Fleetwood Mac and Eagles influences without crumpling under their weight as they did too often on A Place to Land. “All the Way Down” makes me happy in the same way that “Stuck Like Glue” makes many of you happy; it may lack “Stuck Like Glue”‘s appealing WTF? factor, but the studio recording doesn’t get cloying and precious the way the “Stuck Like Glue” recording sometimes does.

    To K and anyone else curious about Keith Urban: the latest edition of Billboard Country Update indicates that Capitol Nashville is still looking at a November 2010 new album release from him, with an anonymous insider hinting at a stripped down sound. Mike Dungan cautions that while there is generally a unifying sound to Keith’s albums, it is rarely what Keith originally thinks it is going to be. Keith has been offering up teasers on his official website, and he certainly seems to be aiming for a release this year, as well.

    I’ve been ready to move on from Defying Gravity since soon after its release, so I am looking forward to the new one from Keith. The Jamey Johnson, James Otto and Sugarland releases are the three other main ones that interest me for the fall. I’m hoping that Darius Rucker’s album is a lot more interesting than its lead single; that he is paying tribute to Radney Foster is a good sign, but I can’t escape the suspicion that his intent is going to be nobler than the musical output. And I will likely check out the Zac Brown Band album, as well.

    Non-country upcoming mainstream release I’m most interested in: probably the Sara Bareilles album. Oh, and I’m going to need to check out the Josh Groban album due in mid-November because I really want to hear what he and producer Rick Rubin cooked up together.

    I haven’t had the chance to listen to the new Ray Lamontagne CD because I’m still trying to figure out the new David Gray one, but the former is lined up. And thanks to Russ for the Ryan Bingham reminder.

  19. I agree with many of the comments on Toby Keith. He did put out some good songs back in the day, but he kind of jumped the shark after a while. I don’t plan on buying the new album.

  20. I can always find at least a couple songs from each Toby Keith release to download from Amazon. I suspect that’ll be the case with the new release as well. I felt safe in buying “Trailerhood” before the release, however, because I can always count on not liking an entire Toby release, so it’s not possible to save money by buying the whole thing.

    I’d love for the next Urban album to be more stripped down (and I’m not talking about more drum machine or piano). We’ll see. November does seem pretty fast for something that’s not being confirmed by this time, at the end of August.

  21. I’m most looking forward to the albums from Zac Brown Band, Sugarland, Jamey Johnson and Justin Townes Earle.

    I had read earlier in the year that Faith Hill would finally release an album in 2010 but I’m guessing there isn’t enough time for that to happen since we’ve heard no announcement. Any word on her latest?

  22. I’m hoping that we get a new AKUS album this year, it has been since 2004. I’m also curious to hear the new Robert Plant and what direction he is taking that without Alison.

    I heard that the two of them did several tracks with Daniel Lanois (U2 Producer) not sure if those will make the next album they do or not.

    As for the mainstream releases, it’s all about Sugarland for me.

  23. I’m definitely checking out the Loretta Lynn tribute now.

    The artists on it are: Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Allison Moorer, Paramore, Reba, Carrie Underwood, The White Stripes, Lucinda Williams, Gretchen Wilson, and Lee Ann Womack

  24. You can listen to the new Sugarland album over at Mediabase.

    Also, there were a few radio samples of songs from the new Flatts record. I will say I LOVE the sound of the songs- they production is dialed down, and it looks like Gary has toned down the vocals considerably. This sound proves that they can do pop-country very well when they work with the right sound.

    I do fear about the songs though- from the samples they seem to be a little above average-enjoyable, but forgettable lyrically. I do think “I Won’t Let Go” sounds like of Gary’s best vocal performances in years.

    Keith Urban’s standarded release of “Get Closer” will have 8 songs; the deluxe edition will have almost double the material, and four live tracks, according to the Target website.

  25. ^Kevin, the Dixie Chicks have a new song coming out on Steve Martin’s new album :) But yes, omg they move like glaciers! I’ve heard rumors that something might be on the horizon, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up too soon on this. I am in need of a good Chicks fix myself.

  26. Well, nothing comes easy when it comes to the Chicks, especially the last (nearly) eight years. But I’d rather have them spend whatever time they need to do a good/great thing than put out a piece of hackwork that they concocted after just a week or two.

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