1. I commend you for conserving your energy here. We don’t want anyone’s triglyceride levels needlessly reaching a fever pitch now, do we? ;)

    The fact this song actually encourages us to conserve our Coca-Cola explains it all………..that this is self-identified musical High Fructose Corn Syrup.

  2. Okay… let me try to be positive. What good things can I say about this song?

    It has a fiddle on it. I like the fiddle.

    I hate everything else.

    (Thumbs up to Noah Eaton’s comment – couldn’t have said it better myself)

  3. These lyrics resemble one of Weird Al Yankovic’s parodies.

    And even those are actually tolerable.

    Kevin John Coyne, this is one of your finest reviews.

  4. Many of Weird Al Yankovic’s parodies are exceptional, even today.

    It took skill to record something like “White & Nerdy” given Yankovic had hardly rapped once prior to that experiment. And “Trapped at the Drive-Thru” was hilariously ambitious.

    Yankovic’s work doesn’t try to be anything more important than he presents it as: novelty. This is novelty in the most atrocious way imaginable.

  5. This review is right up there with a book review by Ambrose Bierce written over a hundred years ago.

    “The covers of this book are too far apart”.

  6. Firstly, I am not a big fan of the male country singers [George Strait, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, & Johnny Cash tend to be the only ones that find their way into my iPod]…

    Secondly, I don’t like these kinds of country songs [ones that tend to promote the stereotypes of country music (BADLY)]

    Thirdly, I wholeheartedly agree with you Kevin, I couldn’t review this song since I don’t have the patience to pay attention to it..

  7. I’m normally one to run to the defense of these sorts of novelty, country pride type songs. But no. This is one I can’t even get into. I like Craig Morgan and wish him success, but I hope this one fails to make it’s way on to the airwaves much, for country music’s sake.

  8. An “F” is a bit harsh – I’d give it a “D” – pretty poor song – sound and presentation are better than the song deserves

  9. I’d probably give it a D, because I enjoy the chorus melody better than I care to admit, and I tend to give any song that dares to be this “bad” a sort of credit. It’s awful and WTF-y, but at least it isn’t quite a boring attempt at the same template. I’d take this over another “Bonfire” or “She’s Country” or “Backwoods” any day.

  10. I’m so bored with the cornpone country nonsense. I realize they are desperately trying to connect with a lowest common denominator, and get a piece of that beer/cigarette/lottery ticket “disposable” income, but in the meantime manage to feed every cringe-worthy country music stereotype.
    Brilliant review.

  11. A new low for Craig Morgan? I didn’t think it could get any worse than “Bonfire.”

    I think Craig has a lot of talent, and he has a decent voice, but his choice of material is atrocious and (rightfully) holding him back from superstardom.

    Considering he’s been around for years, it’s sad to think that he probably has little desire to grow beyond trite redneck anthems that do nothing for his image, and certaintly don’t help to expand his already limited audience.

  12. Between this song and “Bonfire,” I would be hard pressed to decide which one is worse, though this one might get extra crappiness points for “Don’t pour out your Coca-cola if it’s still got a little bit o’ FIZZ!!!”

  13. I always click the “Listen” link in every review, whether or not I’m familiar with a song.

    I can’t even be bothered here.

  14. Typical Craig Morgan song…. I LIKE IT… Glad to see someone not afraid to sing what he wants to sing. Just like Toby Keith, doesn’t care what the up-tight liberals think.
    Craig, if you need any help pushing that cart of money to the bank, I’m here for you buddy.

  15. After hearing this song live last night and listening to Craig introduce it, I like it a little better…

    I mean, the message is in the right place: when it seems like you don’t have much left, there’s always something to hang on to, or a “little chicken left on the bone”. It’s incredibly cheesy, but eh…

    Also, the more I listen to it, the catchier it kinda gets, whether I actually think its good or not…

  16. I don’t know why so many people don’t like this song. Anyone saying this song is dumb and has no message needs to get their head out of you know where. The song’s just saying that you decide when you want to settle down, not when everyone says you should. By the way, Bonfire is an awesome song. Since when do country music listeners not like to party and have a good time.

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