Rollin’ With the Flowchart

I’m trying to cut back on my hyperbole, so I’ll understate matters and call this only one of the most awesomely coolest things ever:

Which Country Song Best Describes Your Life?

Creator Madlynn Priester e-mailed me and requested I shared the link, which I have done, but only after starting at the thing in wonder and awe for a good ten minutes.

According to the chart, the song that best describes my life is Reba McEntire’s “Turn on the Radio.”

Hey, there weren’t too many directions to go in when you answer “yes” to, “Are you happy?”  It’s a country flow chart, after all.

What song best describes your life, according to the chart?


  1. Hah! That was cute. I love the paths to “If You’re Reading This”, “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”, “Cocaine Blues” and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”.

    I got “Turn on the Radio” too.

  2. Me: Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA.”

    ……..Um, yeah, not being an addict or majorly-successful, I had to go the patriotic route.

    I think it’s quite funny that Kevin got “TOTR.” But out of all the Reba songs, “Turn On The Radio” was the one they decided to include?! *sigh*

  3. I was saddened that substance abuse was limited to either drinking or just doing everything bad ever. I’m a smoker, hopelessly addicted, but that wasn’t an option. Since I don’t consider myself mega-successful, and since I’m not American, I did go with the substance abuse route and went with beer, quickly ending with “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”

  4. Ha, too funny. I like the first question, “are you happy or sad”– that actually does seem to divide the genre perfectly. I could never really narrow down my song because my perspective seems to change daily, but it was just fun reading all of the choices.

    Let’s just hope none of our lives are best described by, “Cocaine Blues.”

    Thanks for sharing, this was cool.

  5. I’m kind of with Sandra on this topic.

    The song I should pick is going to be different depending on the day and the moment.

    Could be all of them to some degree…none of them complex or complete enough to represent my life, which is too much all over the place anyway.

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