It’s Mother’s Day!

Feel free to mention, discuss or link to some of your favorite mom-related songs, or just any songs that remind you of a special mother or grandmother (since no one really knows when National Grandparents Day is anyway [except me now, via Wikipedia – it’s the first Sunday after Labor Day. Woo!]).

Here are a few of mine:

Doc Watson, “Mama Don’t Allow No Music”

Performed by the most awesomely disobedient instrumental ensemble ever (though Watson probably overdubbed half of the instruments himself).


Iris DeMent with Matraca Berg, “Mama’s Opry”

This mama is significantly more tolerant of music.


Taylor Swift, “The Best Day”

The favorite potshot of many who dislike Taylor Swift is that she’s a spoiled, talentless rich kid who probably doesn’t even write her own songs. If that’s the case, someone managed one heck of a cover-up with this song, which captures with humble gratitude and a distinctly young perspective the little, unextravagant ways a mother can inspire and restore her children.


And of course:

Jamie O’Neal, “Somebody’s Hero”



  1. Elvis Presley–“Mama Liked The Roses” (the B-side for “The Wonder Of You”, which reached #9 on the Hot 100 in June 1970)

  2. “Mother, The Queen of My Heart” an old Jimmie ROadgers classic that the great Stonewall Jackson revived as an album cut in 1968

  3. Shenandoah – Mama Knows
    Hal Ketchum – Mama Knows the Highway

    and a few that mention dad too:

    Lisa Brokop & Hal Ketchum – Please Keep Mom and Dad in Love
    Collin Raye & Melissa Manchester – A Mother and Father’s Prayer

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