The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5

Today’s category is…

A Song That Reminds You of Someone.

Here are the staff picks:

Leeann Ward: “I Love a Rainy Night” – Eddie Rabbitt

This song reminds me of a college friend who didn’t like country music, but loved rainy nights. After I introduced this song to her, it was the only country song that she could stomach. She’s gone because of a tragic car accident now, but I always think of her with amusement when I hear the song.

Dan Milliken: “Annie’s Song” – John Denver

I never actually got to meet the uncle this song reminds me of. He passed away in an accident in his early twenties. “Annie’s Song” was played at the funeral, and I see my Dad’s eyes travel back there every time he hears it.

Tara Seetharam: “In the Garden” – Elvis Presley

Presley did it well, but regardless of the artist, when I hear this song, I hear my grandma’s sweet soprano in my head. I am forever grateful to her for instilling in me a strong faith –by example, not words– and for giving me my mom, who is every bit as beautiful a human being as she was.

Kevin Coyne: “It Hurt So Bad” – Susan Tedeschi

Three of my best college friends and me, in a car, laughing so hard that we almost drove off the road as one of them sang along with the song. One of those perfect moments in time!



  1. “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks. We played it at my Grandfather’s funeral back in Jan.

    (The “This is for you daddy” version from 1997’s The Dance)

  2. I do love “I Love a Rainy Night”. It’s a great song.

    For me, Alan Jackson’s cover of “The Blues Man” always reminds me of my Dad. It’s odd. He was never a musician, or struggled with any kind of substance abuse, but he did have a impoverished upbringing and I guess that to him, meeting my Mum was the greatest thing to happen to him. He chose this song to dance with my Mum on his fortieth birthday and so, it brings to mind a touching family moment I’ll never forget and a hopeful reminder to me that, perhaps, two people really can be made for each other. :)

  3. “Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Round The Old Oak Tree) by Johnny Carver” – that song was playing on the radio when I received the phone call telling me that my best friend and college roommate had died. The call came the night before college graduation so I have no memory of graduation day, and couldn’t stand to hear the Carver’s version of the song for years thereafter.

    I’m okay with the song now but still think of my friend whenever I hear the song. Strangely enough, the Tony Orlando & Dawn version didn’t affect me in quite the same way although I would usually change stations if their version came on the air, too

  4. Hands down Reba’s “The Greatest Man”. My dad passed away 4 years ago and that song kills me everytime I hear it.

  5. “Not Ready To Make Nice”, I was still in high school when I heard this song and I was like “oh, my teachers were having a tough time with me. they want me to change but. urg”

  6. I think of my wife of 34 years when I hear:

    rock – “Still the One”, a 1976 hit for Orleans, written by husband and wife team John & Johanna Hall. (not together anymore)

    country- Randy Travis’s “Forever and Ever Amen” by Don Schlitz & Paul Overstreet.

    love “I Love a Rainy Night” and “Annie’s Song”.

  7. “Unanswered Prayers” reminds me of my first girlfriend (I’ve lived the first verse, but not yet the second). Garth’s “What She’s Doin Now” does too, but not as much

  8. Even though they’re talking about a romantic relationship, the lyrics of “Something Wonderful” from the King and I remind me of my aunt.

  9. “Let the Flames Begin” by Paramore reminds me of this friend that I had a major falling out with. Essentially, our friendship was up in flames.

    On the country side, I’d say that “Johnny and June” reminds me of my parents. They’ve been together for so long, and I would say that they have a relationship similar to that.

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