Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, “Blue Blooded Woman”

1989 | Peak: #45

It’s hard to figure out why “Blue Blooded Woman” was the first single that Arista sent to radio. Perhaps they felt something uptempo was needed out of the gate.

It’s a great sounding record, with crystal clear fiddles and steel guitar announcing on day one that Jackson was a traditionalist.   But the concept is stretched thin by the second verse, proving that even a song that’s barely two minutes long can run out of ideas quickly.  It’s little more than a novelty, with its only significance being that it was the official kick-off of an incredible career.

Written by Alan Jackson, Roger Murrah, and Keith Stegall

Grade: C+

Listen: Blue Blooded Woman


  1. …for all its “flaws”, it’s still a very catchy, little up-tempo love song after all this time.

    i guess, they felt that it’d set the bar just about right to get people listening and then lift the game to another level with the releases of the real smash songs on that terrific album.

    if such was the plan, it worked out perfectly well, didn’t it.

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