Retro Single Review: Dolly Parton, “Comin’ For to Carry Me Home”

1971 | Peak: #23

RCA’s bizarre mangling of Dolly Parton’s catalog kept this single from wide availability until the 2009 release of the box set Dolly.

Even more bizarre? It wasn’t included on her gospel album, The Golden Streets of Glory, which was released the same year as this single.

It’s a shame because it’s a raucous and genuinely uplifting arrangement of a gospel standard, and it pushes Parton further as a singer than anything had up until that point.

Traditional.  Arranged by Dolly Parton.

Grade: A




  1. RCA’s bizarre mangling of everyone’s catalog has been a frequent subject of complaint. Through the year 2000 it seemed that the only catalogs they didn’t mangle were Elvis, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Alabama and (possibly) Jim Reeves

    In recent years they’ve done a better, although not great, job.

    This is Dolly at her best

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