Retro Single Review: George Strait, “The Fireman”

1985 | Peak: #5

More cocky than clever, the strained metaphor that gives structure to the song errs too far on the side of ridiculous.

The only reason it’s listenable at all is the fantastic Western swing arrangement and Strait’s in-on-the-joke delivery. But it’s hard to believe that was ever intended to be more than album filler.

Written by Wayne Kemp and Mack Vickery

Grade: B-

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  1. This is such an awesome song. Yeah, its not that funny but the outrageous cockiness of it makes it charming to me. Normally I don’t like traditional country as much as more pop influenced stuff because the traditional stuff is so hokey that it makes you think of little Jimmy Dickens; but this song is hokey but cool anyway. Its so bad its good!

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