Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “It’s Your Love” (with Faith Hill)

1997 | #1

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s first studio collaboration is still one of their best (“one of” – “I Need You” is even better).  I’ve never been a huge fan of power ballads, but I probably would be if they all sounded as great as this.

Lyrics like “It’s your love/ It just does something to me/ It sends a shock right through me/ I can’t even get enough” might come across as paint-by-number if given a simple by-the-book vocal treatment.  But McGraw turns in a top-notch vocal performance – restrained in all the right places, but rising high when the time is appropriate.  Thus, the lyrics do not ring vague at all, but instead are heard to spring from a deep place of sincerity.  The song itself is good, but it’s the vocals that push the song to greatness.

In essence, Faith Hill does what is typically referred to as “singing background vocals,” but her contributions are prominent enough that her voice clearly comes across as that of the narrator’s lover.  More importantly, the depth and color of their harmonies gave fans their first taste of the powerful chemistry that became the hallmark of the McGraw-Hill vocal pairing.

To quote Tara, who says it better than I could, “‘It’s Your Love’ represents the moment in country music history when we were introduced to one of its definitive couples.”  Tim McGraw’s singles had been largely hit-or-miss up to this point, but as the precursor to one of his strongest studio albums, “It’s Your Love” announced that McGraw had found his mojo.

Written by Stephony Smith

Grade:  A

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  1. Fantastic song. Tim’s vocals are spot on and even though Faith’s vocals are more “background” on this record, I can’t imagine the song without her harmonies. The steel guitar in the background is a pretty touch to the song too.

    (I find it hard to pick a favourite of Tim & Faith’s duets – Let’s Make Love is high up on my list and I ADORE Like We Never Loved At All too).

  2. “It’s your love” is a beautiful song and nobody could do it better than these two lovebirds.this song is their favorite of all 6 duets they have done,but i have to say I really love “let’s make love” too. they have a chemistry no other couple has.

  3. “I Need You” is also my favorite, along with “Angry All the Time”, if that counts.

    This was a great kick off to my favorite McGraw album – the only one I listen to in its entirety.

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