Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Everywhere”

1997 | Peak: #1

The moment where Tim McGraw discovers subtlety and finds it suits him quite well.

“Everywhere” is the title track from the album that established McGraw as a credible artist, and its release was demanded by radio, which gave it considerably heavy airplay as an album cut.

The song tells the tale of a man who is haunted by the memory of the girl he’s left behind in his small town to chase his dreams of a life outside the narrow parameters that surrounded them.

McGraw’s understated delivery packs the song with such emotional heft that the unresolved sadness lingers after the song has ended.  It’s a masterful performance that, along with its charming predecessor “It’s Your Love”, notes the beginning of McGraw’s golden era.

Written by Mike Reid and Craig Wiseman

Grade: A

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  1. I love this song. The Everywhere album definitely marked the point at which Tim McGraw had hit his stride. The title track is one of the songs from the album that I come back to the most, along with “It’s Your Love.”

  2. There are moments where a singer meets a song so perfectly suited to them that there’s no way it can go wrong, and this is Tim’s song. While Set This Circus Down is my favorite album of Tim’s, Everywhere is right up there.

  3. I’m not a big Tim McGraw fan, but “Everywhere” is one of my favorites. I made up two cd’s to play on long car trips where every song mentions at least one city or state in the U.S. “Everywhere” leads off one of the two.

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