1. I don’t think I would mind it if it were a silly break from the great music they’d just released instead of a sad improvement over that music.

  2. I agree with Dan. I was expecting a lot worse, but for a group to be doing this after, what, 3 years of some really bad music, I’m a lot less forgiving. Can we get back to Stay this year Sugarland? Starting to think that other singer was right all along and got out at the right time.

  3. Certainly an improvement on the Bee Gees falsetto lyrics but a song you would have hoped never to have heard again. What’s next? A hen party special album with cover versions of “Dancing Queen” and “I will survive”?

  4. Dreadful

    At least when “Whispering” Bill Anderson dabbled with disco back in 1978, he did so with lyrically interesting original material

  5. Just shows up there country credentials I’m afraid. Compare the songs they choose to cover with someone like Jamey Johnson, Alan Jackson, Joe Nichols, and Mark Chesnutt and can you see why they make the music they do.

  6. I would respectfully suggest that “Stayin’ Alive” is not a great song choice for them right now. (see Indiana State Fair)

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