Single Review: Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw, "Feel Like a Rock Star"

I know it's just a meaningless crowd-pleaser to them. I know better than to take it more seriously than that.

I just wish I could still be surprised about it.


Written by Chris Tompkins & Rodney Clawson

Grade: D-




  1. I agree. I was so disappointed when they played this at the ACMs. You would hope that when two stars of their caliber got together, they could do much better than this trash.

  2. Both of these guys have put out quality, fun-loving songs, so it’s even more disappointing when they come together and can’t even come close to a “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” or “I Like It, I Love It.”

  3. I have never understood why both of these guys are superstars. I’ve been a grateful fan of about five singles each, but that’s a poor batting average considering they’ve each had at least a dozen huuuge hits.

    With an amazing song like “That’s Why I’m Here,” or “Live Like You Were Dying,” I could appreciate the performance as well as the material. But much much too often, the material offered by each was so forgettable that it was pretty hard not to notice they’re only passable singers. I guess the arena shows aren’t about the vocals, but when you don’t even sound that hot in the studio, it’s a mystery.

    My bottom line: this song is just another demonstration of what happens when you get so famous it doesn’t matter whether what you do is good or terrible. The “product” (not to be confused with “the work”) becomes self-propelled. I feel like they’ve both mined this vein to exhaustion, and they don’t think we’ll notice.

    I we do, and I hope radio doesn’t ram this down our ears anyway…but I’m not counting on it.

    D- because I’m feeling generous.

  4. Out of curiosity I checked to see if any other country blogs reviewed this mess. One actually gave it 4 1/2 stars. I know Tastes differ but …

  5. All the pleasure I got when Kenny released “You & Tequila” and when Tim put out “Better Than I Used to Be” has mostly been erased. They’ve gone right back to staying in-line with the social norm in Nashville and ya know, it sucks!!!

  6. Thumbs up to Motown Mike’s and Tom’s above comments haha. When I heard the title of the song I knew what to expect, so at least I wasn’t disappointed.

  7. This song is so awful! I can’t help but think of two old guys trying to hang onto their youth. Their live performance was as bad as the song. JMO.

  8. I’m with Gloria. The Brothers of the Sun tour sounds great in concept, but watching these two on the ACMs was a turn off. No, they weren’t offensive in any way, but two middle aged dudes trying to act 20 isn’t my idea of quality country music.

    This whole thing might have worked circa 1999 but even that may’ve been a stretch.

  9. It’s sad to see two superstars of country music degrade themselves to put out material that is as lackluster as what a lot of the newbies are putting out. Lets get back to “Grown Men Don’t Cry” or “When I Close My Eyes” please.

  10. I agree that a song called “Feel Like a Rock Star” being performed by two men in their mid-forties does feel a tad awkward – Whether it’s a conscious attempt to seem younger I can’t say – but for the most part, I’m with Dan. I wouldn’t have liked this song coming from any artists, young or otherwise.

  11. This song is like water to me. I taste nothing. In some ways it reminds me of “Start a Band,” which by comparison is much stronger.

  12. I didn’t love “Start a Band,” but I’ve generally enjoyed it. In some ways, it seemed to play to Brad and Keith’s strengths, such as by letting them both show their guitar chops. With “Feel Like a Rock Star,” it seems they were just looking for something loud and arena-ready, and it ended up one big mess.

  13. The Kenny-Tim Rock Star song debuted at #17 today on the American Country Top 40 Countdown with Kix Brooks. I have no idea how the rankings are determined. I’m sure quality has nothing to do with it. The survey comes out on-line every Saturday morning. The #1 song is Lee Brice’s “A Woman Like You” which entered the top 40 in November.

  14. Disappointing but not surprising news.

    I think the rankings have more to do with how many radio “adds” (stations who play it, when and how often they play it) than with sales (individuals who buy it). I knew I was dreaming by hoping this thing was actually too crappy for radio….but is there any such thing nowadays?

    Shoulda known that no more critical thought would go into the airplay decision than did the “let’s record this” decision by our two aging would-be rawkers.

  15. If I wanted to listen to this trash I would download some Ke$ha or turn on KISS FM. This isn’t country, and I can’t stand it when a country radio station plays it. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

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