Single Review: Scotty McCreery, "Water Tower Town"

Reviewing mainstream country singles can be mighty depressing these days.  It often seems like we're hearing the same song over and over again.  Conversely, I often feel as if I'm writing the same review over and over again.

So how can I find a fresh angle from which to approach this new Scotty McCreery single?

This song is yet another case of a genuinely strong singing voice being wasted on cheap, disposable song material.  Then again, no.  I'm pretty sure I've written that before.

This song offers nothing but vague rural imagery strung together with no discernible narrative, nor any real point to make.  No… scratch that.  I believe I've written that before as well.

This song is nothing more than a factory-assembled radio hit with no purpose but to sail to the top of the charts only afterwards to be instantly forgotten and replaced by the next radio flavor of the day…  Never mind.  I'm absolutely positive I've written that before.

I'll tell you what, Scotty.  When you say something that hasn't been said a million times before, then I'll say something I haven't said a million times before.

Written by Cole Swindell, Tammi Kidd, and Lynn Hutton

Grade:  C

Listen:  Water Tower Town



  1. Great review. The water tower made me think of Petticoat Junction and that show went off the air over 40 years ago. This song I’ll forget in a few minutes.

  2. I enjoyed this review. It was definitely an interesting technique. And I totally agree too. It’s such an awful cookie cutter country song.

  3. …songs about water towers should a least contain one line that beats “…the fool should have used red…” or should inform us about what tyler and k.c’s mom where up to, when they got kinda famous in one of these small towns.

    with such great predecessors, it shouldn’d be that difficult to come up with at least one remarkable line in three minutes of country song, should it.

    this rubbish ain’t even worth the snark in the review. then again, at least something worthwhile about this trainwreck. i wonder what young scotty mccreery did wrong in his live that karma punishes him by having to sing all those crappy tunes. compared to his fate, tracy lawrence could consider himself lucky to get away just with the mullet of a lifetime at the start of his career.

  4. I liked your review a lot, because at least when you said “This song is another case of a genuineny strong singing voice being wasted on cheap”. You are recognizing that that kid can do better with his voice if he chose better material. I love that review, because you do not Bach and ridiculized him as a singer,or as a personal. I think is a sincere, polite, and constuctive review.THANKS

  5. I love when you said ” This song is another case of a genuinely strong singing voice being wasted on cheap”.At least you do not ridiculed the singer and recognized that he can do better with other material . he is wasting his talent and his deep voice. Thanks

  6. Thanks, all :)

    And yes, I do like Scotty’s voice. I just don’t like his songs. But if he released “Dirty Dishes” or “Write My Number On Your Hand” to radio, I could probably grade one of those somewhere in the ‘B’ range at least.

  7. I am hard pressed to see where exactly the influence of his idol Josh Turner comes into play. Simply having a deep voice by the grace of human anatomy does not count as being a reflection of your influence.

    I know the kid is young, just starting out and learning the inner workings of the recording industry, I get that. But if Turner is his greatest musical influence I would assume that he owns himself copies at least one of “Long Black Train”, “Your Man” or “Everything is Fine”; which were Turner’s first three albums. Am I asking to much for him to give me a single that is as quality as “Long Black Train” or “Another Try”?

  8. All of McCreery’s material so far has been so corny…and this is coming from the fool who usually gets shakes of the head during lectures for cracking terrible jokes. At the very least McCreery’s material has “inspired” (would that be the right word Ben?) a great review.

  9. Love the review, not the song. I’m trying to like Scotty’s music, I really am…he has the same last name as me! (Slightly different spelling though.) Too bad his lyrics are only designed for mass consumption by screaming American Idol fans. He’s got a lot to learn if he wants to be the next Josh Turner.

  10. Why does everyone think Scotty wants to be another Josh Turner. They only have deep voices in common. I could tell their voices apart any day. Scotty has an amazing voice!! He is going to go far regardless of what any body says. I think their is a lot of jealousy because he is so young and great! A lot of people are going to have to eat their words and perhaps joke on them! Some people are never going to give Scotty a chance, but let me tell you something. He doesn’t need you. He has amazinf talent and millions of loyal fans that will fight for him. Scotty is going to have a great future. He has done more in 10 months than most people can do in 10 years!

  11. If he sang about “serious adult material” you all would say how can an 18 year old possibly sing about that! The guy cannot win.

    His voice is one of a kind – deep, smooth, and tender. captivates me no matter what he is saying. I could listen to him sing the alphabet and enjoy it.

    I for one hope he stays around a long, long time. What he has accomplished in less than a year is astounding. He’s got “it” for sure. I LOVE to listen to him sing!

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