Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, "Please Remember Me"

1999 | Peak: #1

A lush and gorgeous ballad that is elevated by a Patty Loveless harmony vocal, this is arguably Tim McGraw's finest moment on record.

Originally recorded by co-writer Rodney Crowell, “Please Remember Me” was also covered by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville before McGraw included it on his 1999 album, A Place in the Sun.

His pleading performance gives the song its urgency, and the pop-flavored production, complete with strings, harkens back to the glory days of the Nashville sound.

Loveless once said that her job as a singer was to not get in the way of the song.  McGraw's best moments are when he finds a great song like this and gets out of the way.

Written by Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings

Grade: A

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  1. How on earth have I heard this song this many times without having been aware of the Patty Loveless harmony vocal? I can sure hear it now. It reminds me of Patty’s contributions to Vince Gill’s “When I Call Your Name,” which were beautiful as well. She has a way of subtly elevating a song when she sings background vocals.

    Definitely one of the best songs McGraw has ever gotten a hold of, and I agree that the Nashville sound influence adds a unique and interesting flavor to it. For all the negative talk one often hears about McGraw’s vocal abilities, great records like this show his lofty capabilities when he’s singing the right songs. Great review, Kevin.

  2. Good song. I didn’t know that it was recorded by Crowell or about the Ronstadt-Neville cover (and I’m a big Ronstadt fan going back to her Stone Pony days). Enjoyed listening to both. Thanks. I have McGraw’s version on a greatest hits album.

  3. This and Everywhere are easily my favorite Tim McGraw songs. Well McGraw has a lot of songs in his catalog that I really like these are the two that I love! Sometimes a good vocal performance, when done to allow a great song to speak for itself, can also become great. It’s what I think Tim did on Everywhere and as well does so here.

  4. I know Tim’s quality of work has been, in a nice word, questionable these past couple of years but it’s the songs that he recorded from the late 90s and early 00s that give me hope that he will one day return to form.

  5. AMEN, Tara! He has a good voice, but he can’t come close to the emotional nuance Tim brings to the song.

    I don’t like that they’re using “Please Remember Me” as the Idol elimination song either way though. I think it will just make people isolate the phrase “Remember me,” while totally missing the overall point of the song.

  6. Best. McGraw. Song. Ever.

    Anyone in the midst of a breakup will find this song both beautiful and crushing.

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