Single Review: Gary Allan, "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)"

So good to hear his voice again.

Gary Allan’s in fine form on what could be a pretty big comeback single.   It hits that inspirational sweet spot that Martina McBride’s built her recent career around, but his gravely voice lends it just the right amount of gravitas.

I wish the verses were stronger, and that it didn’t make the influence of “Every Rose has its Thorn” so

clunkily explicit.  But the chorus is a keeper, and that incomparable voice brings it all home.

Grade: B



  1. “So good to hear his voice again.” My sentiments exactly Kevin.

    We need artists like Gary Allan and the seriousness and realism they bring to the genre of country music to slow (and hopefully stop) its decent into the pit of self-parody it’s currently falling into.

  2. I bought and enjoyed Gary’s first three albums but fell off the bandwagon. Maybe this is a great single but its been so long since anything he’s done has even mildly interested me since “Smoke Rings in the Dark” that I just don’t even care to listen.

    Gary Allan

  3. I haven’t thought of Gary Allan in a while so I’m playing my only GA cd, his greatest hits. I played this new song twice but it’s likely that the only way i may buy it is as part of a GH, vol 2. Your grade of B seems fair.

  4. I have been Gary fan member for 6 years and I fell in love Gary and I have loved every single songs that Gary makes!! I love this song and I can’t wait to buy his new album next year. So I can play Every Storm all the time. I have every album that Gary has out!!!

  5. This song reminded me of Miley Cyrus’s version of “every rose has its rain” for some reason…the tambourine made this song more likeable, but it’s definetly going to have to grow on me…

  6. …this is an alright pop-song, but its rather stereotypical and therefore quite bland lyrics prevent it from being a remarkable country song. it’ll fit snuggly onto all sorts of playlists, thanks to gary allan’s distinctive vocals, but that’s where the story of this one ends.

  7. I know this thread is old, and I doubt anyone will read this. However, I have to say it:

    Gary Allan’s new album just debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. This is amazing. He’s so much more popular than I think the establishment realizes. He has had such great chart success without the industry hype of many of his contemporaries. He continues to do things his way. He is super underrated and under-appreciated by the Nashville establishment.

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