Single Review: Jana Kramer, “I Got the Boy”

Jana Kramer I Got the Boy

“I Got the Boy”
Jana Kramer

Written by Connie Harrington, Tim Nichols, and Jamie Lynn Spears

The sentiment is quite poignant.   “I got the boy. She got the man.”   A high school sweetheart reminisces as she sees her boyfriend from back then has gotten married.

The writers establish some wonderful specifics in the verses that help to bring the characters to life.  But the chorus is bland both lyrically and melodically, so the payoff from the buildup isn’t there.

It’s also not a very good vocal performance.   I hear what she’s going for – that soaring, twangy Reba sweet spot – but she cannot pull it off.   It reminded me of Taylor Swift singing “Rhiannon.”

Not good.

Grade: C-


  1. The vocals I found good not great. I like the production a lot this feels like something the Dixie Chicks would produce. Sue Me for saying that. I like the message story and the production is top-notch just the vocal isn’t as good but still good nonetheless. Overall A-.

  2. I actually quite like this one. I don’t hear her going for a big ballad performance, it sounds intentionally restrained to me. I think Kramer is smart enough to know her vocal limits, and it pays off here. Personally, I can’t complain. A-

  3. I’m with SRM on the intent of the vocal delivery,and i quite like that Jana doesn’t try to overpower the material by going for power notes. I also like the understated production quite a bit! I’d say this one is a solid B+ for me.

  4. I agree with Leeann – really nice production, but very pedestrian vocals Grading on a curve, I’d give this a B – .

    If this had been issued between 1989 and 1999 it would probably have passed by me unnoticed, but this is 2015

  5. To Paul’s point, when “Why Ya Wanna” was having its run, I thought Kramer’s voice reminded me a whole lot of that of Ronna Reeves– a middling vocal talent who never made it off the C-list in the 90s. This new single doesn’t change my mind at all. Production’s fine, but she’s such a mediocre singer. I mean, that puts her ahead of RaeLynn, sure, but that’s not saying anything.

  6. In the context of what is out there today, I think a song such as “I Got the Boy” deserves a B/B-. The writers did a good job putting in specifics and nuances about our characters in the song. I also give high praise to the producer of this record for keeping it solidly in the country category with a toned down production and the Dobro featured up-front, throughout the song. Kramer isn’t a killer vocalist, but with material like this, she doesn’t need to be persay. However, I am confused by the emotion she is trying to portray in this song. Is she trying to be sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, reminiscent, what? She tries too hard to portray too many different moods with her vocal tone in the song and it brings it down a little for me.

    In the context of the complete garbage that this will go up against on FM radio, this is solid gold and earns a B/B- rating. With country music today, context is everything!

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