Single Review: Cole Swindell, “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey”

Cole Swindell Ain't Worth the Whiskey

“Ain’t Worth the Whiskey”
Cole Swindell

Written by Josh Martin, Adam Sanders, and Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell makes the case to the lady that burned him that there are a ton of good reasons he might be out drinking tonight.  She’s not one of them.

Doth he protest a bit too much?  Possibly.

It would actually be a better record if he made that more clear in his vocal delivery.   He’s not quite heartbroken, but not quite arrogantly confident, either.    I’m not entirely sure what he’s really feeling.

It would be a more successful record if there was a tension, even a contradiction, between what he sings and what he truly feels.

But as kiss-off records go, “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” competently gets the job done.

Grade: B


  1. I would probably give it a “C” grade, it is far from horrible and is probably the best Cole Swindell song I have heard, which granted is not saying much, but I digress.

    The reason I give it the lower grade is as you mentioned, Swindell just does not seem to have the vocal shops to elevate songs or give the listener much emotion and honestly Texas artists Mike Ryan has a similar song out as a single titled “Wasting No More Whiskey” that covers much the same ground lyrically, but is much better IMO

  2. This is his best song but to be honest the lyrics show he’s not over her why does he keep referencing her and he does come off more arrogant than anything. The production I find inoffensive bland but not bad but what delves me to get this a grade is the fact this talentless hack can’t sing he just can’t he is essentially one of the biggest insults to country music I’m sorry but this is not that good.
    Grade: D+.

  3. I like this song, but I recommend checking out a Wyoming-based band called Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers. I think their cover is better than Swindell’s version.

  4. Personally, I can’t stand this song. It comes across as so whiny. And then he goes and checks off all the bro-country stereotypes (long workweeks, hanging out with other bros, “good country songs”). By the time he resorts to bringing the troops overseas into this mess, I’m done.

  5. I agree with SRM, this is little more than another bro-country checklist song. Add onto that, it has the typical bro-country, over-done rock-production. There is nothing that allows this song to make a lasting, worthwhile impression. This one gets a D grade in my book.

  6. I know in my head that this just isn’t that great. It’s bland, cliche, and not sung well. But I just went through a breakup and this song is doing it for me right now. Isn’t that the goal of a song anyway, to connect with people on an emotional level? I guess I have to say that it’s effective, though I’m sure there are similar songs which are better.

  7. I’m starting to think there isn’t a writer in Nashville with one single original thought because every song sounds and says the same exact thing.

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