1. Albums:
    1. Worship and Faith
    2. Storms of Life
    3. No Holdin’ Back
    4. Always and Forever
    5. Old 8×10

    1. Forever and Ever Amen
    2. Deeper than the Hollar
    3. Don’t Think Twice
    4. If I Didn’t Have You
    5. Too Gone for Too Long

    It’s actually impossible to really narrow my favorite Randy Travis songs down to 5 favorites, but that’s my attempt.

  2. My 5 favorite RT songs:
    1. Forever and Ever Amen
    2. Three Wooden Crosses
    3. I Told You So
    4. Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart
    5. On the Other Hand

  3. The man who saved traditional country music almost single-handedly back in 1986 with his album Storms of Life and ultimately led to the boom of the neo-trad sounds and artists of the 1990’s. Without the presence of Travis’ music in the 1980’s would George Strait, Alan Jackson, Clint Black, Doug Stone, Patty Loveless, Pam Tills and other neo-trad favorites had as big a place in mainstream country in the 1990’s? Would they have fought of the surge of pop and butt-rock in country music? One could argue no.

    1. Forever and Ever Amen
    2. 1982
    3. Before You Kill Us All
    4. Wind In the Wire
    5. The Simple Things (from kids cartoon Hey Arnold)

    1. Storms of Life
    2. Always & Forever
    3. Old 8×10
    4. No Holdin’ Back
    5. High Lonesome

  4. It was such a surprise seeing Randy at the ACM Awards last night. He’s been to hell and back, which is shocking for a person his age (Mid t0 late 50s). I’ve never seen any modern country singer deteriorate at such a rapid pace both in voice and in body. I can’t even begin to comprehend it.

    I actually first came to know Randy Travis through his Sesame Street appearances before even being aware of country music’s existence. I then discovered “Forever and Ever, Amen” and grew to admire him as an artist. Here’s my list:

    1. Look Heart, No Hands
    2. Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart
    3. Deeper Than The Holler
    4. Three Wooden Crosses
    5. Better Class of Losers
    BONUS: Before You Kill Us All and He Walked On Water

  5. I’ll forgo an albums ranking since I’m not as familiar with his discography as I probably should be and stick to the songs:

    01. Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man
    02. Out of My Bones
    03. Are We in Trouble Now
    04. Whisper My Name
    05. Point of Light

  6. Forever and Ever Amen, Deeper than the Holler, No place Like Home, is it Still Over, He Walked on water.

    if these were in order of my favorites, he walked on Water, would probably be #2

  7. When I first started buying CD’s i mostly bought greatest hits collections of the artists I liked within the country genre. More recently I have started collecting some actual albums by my favorite country artists but Randy Travis is one that I have yet to do so. For that reason, I will forgo the album listing. My favorite Randy Travis songs at this time are:

    1. On The Other Hand
    2. 1982
    3. Diggin’ up Bones
    4. I Told You So
    5. Heroes And Friends

  8. Great choice for the daily pick! Randy Travis is esily one of my favorite artists. His contribution to the genre was vital. I think that if it had not been for him, most of my favorite music, the neotraditional stuff from the 80s and 90s, would never have been recorded.
    1. Look Heart, No Hands
    2. Deeper Than the Holler
    3. Forever and Ever Amen
    4. Three Wooden Crosses
    5. Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart

  9. I haven’t connected with many of Travis’ albums other than Storms of Life, but he has a terrific list of singles to his credit.

    1. “Forever and Ever, Amen”
    2. “If I Didn’t Have You”
    3. “Diggin’ Up Bones”
    4. “The Box”
    5. “On the Other Hand”

  10. Ya’ll did fine hitting on Randy’s strong songs, so let this be my list addendum. I play these quite often:
    1. Promises
    2. Is It Still Over
    3. More Life (w Don Henley)
    4. Don’t Ever Sell Your Saddle
    5. Baptism
    The version of “Baptism” on Kenny Chesney’s Greatest Hits was also a highlight because Randy’s (former) voice carried so much passion on the verse he sang.

  11. 1 – the entire STORMS OF LIFE album (they could have released all ten songs as singles and all would have been hits)
    2- Forever and Ever, Amen
    3- Three Wooden Crosses
    4 – Whisper My Name
    5 – The Box
    5 –

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