Single Review: Josh Dorr, “Save Your Breath”

Josh Dorr Save Your Breath

“Save Your Breath”
Josh Dorr

Written by Josh Dorr and Jason Mizelle

An fairly egregious example of subject-verb disagreement in the start of the chorus distract from the overly bold lyrics being sung by an overly meek vocalist.

Maybe this is the product a bro-country talent search that scoured small town high schools or something.

It’s bad.

Grade: D


  1. This is just boring and when a song about sex bores you you have a problem
    D+. It’s better than Burning It Down only due to him being a better singer than Jason. I’m surprised you guys haven’t bothered with the songs from Canaan Smith Cam heck why not Parmalee provided Cam song is the only one I like.

  2. The lyrics, honestly, don’t really bother me.

    No, this song’s greatest offense is how painfully milquetoast it is all around. The production is anonymous and just doesn’t compliment the anything-but-subtle small talk lyrics.

    And Dorr’s vocals lack any sort of inflection or texture. They’re wrought with the same, unfortunate hot-and-cold kitchen sink dynamic that may make for competent reads, but little more. Dorr would also benefit from learning to enunciate words much more often. When he sings “Yeah, I know they got a lot to say…”, I had no idea what he was singing until I looked up the lyrics myself. Same with the grammatically offensive lyric already exposed in this review.

    D might arguably be a little too harsh for something that’s just the dictionary synonym of “milquetoast”. But it definitely deserves nothing better than a C-. I’ll say D+.

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