Single Review: Big & Rich, “Run Away With You”

Big & Rich Run Away with You
“Run Away With You”
Big & Rich

Written by Michael Ray and John Rich

One thing’s for sure about Big & Rich:  They’re pros at what they do.

They’ve correctly assessed the general sound and lyrical themes that brought them their biggest radio success,  and “Run Away With You” is a competent attempt to recreate what worked.

It’s the neutered approach they perfected with “Lost in This Moment”, and this time around, Big Kenny’s so far back in the mix that you can’t really hear him until the bridge.

It’s hard to believe that the duo that once sounded to startlingly progressive now sounds like a nostalgic throwback, but let’s be real.  Country music’s radio filler from a decade ago was a lot easier on the ears than the noise that’s dominating today.

Grade: B-


  1. It’s good enough to listen too but nit memorable so yeah a B-. I miss when Big & Rich were fun but hey I’ll take Big & Rich over FGL Dan + Shay Tompson Square basically any duo besides Brothers Osborne & Maddie & Tae

  2. I would actually flip the grades between the last two reviews here. I think this song is bland and monotonous and everything that an escapist song shouldn’t be, and I’d give it a D.

    On the other hand, while I think Canaan Smith’s “Love You Like That” isn’t that great a song at heart, he puts in enough sincerity and charm to make it work for me, and I’d give it a B-.

  3. I remember when John Rich was the hottest songwriter/producer/artist in Nashville. Wow, did that fade away fast….

    This song is bland, the first Big and Rich album was a lot of fun and had some good songs on it, but much like Gretchen Wilson I think they became starts too fast and people became extremely bored in short order.

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