Single Review: Canaan Smith, “Love You Like That”

Canaan smith Love You Like That

“Love You Like That”
Canaan Smith

Written by Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers, and Canaan Smith

Do you want to write a love song or do you want to write a lust song?

There’s a big difference between the two, and they’re equally difficult to pull off on their own.   Trying to accomplish both results in too many mixed metaphors and inconsistency in tone.

“Love You Like That”  doesn’t know if it wants to be “Deeper Than the Holler” or “Come a Little Closer.”  In trying to be both, it fails.

Grade: D


  1. I’ll give Canaan this he’s a good enough vocalist but the ” I can never do it like a pretty city boy” line ruins this song not to mention the boring production so yeah a D.

  2. Canaan Smith and I are the same age (in fact, just three days apart), and I can assure you that our generation barely, if at all, knows the difference between love and lust. This song is just a symptom of an overall cultural problem for our generation.

  3. The lyric “I can never do it like a pretty city boy…” lyric is an instant deal-breaker to my ears. Especially when he proceeds to repeat it in both the bridge and coda of the song like it’s the single greatest lyric he has ever written.

    Enough said. This gets a D from me too, and only spared from a F because the production is way too sterile and toothless to where it’ll inevitably be long-forgotten and, thus, isn’t worth hating really.

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