Daily Top Five: Terri Clark

terri-clarkSince she gave us the wonderful tweet earlier, and also put out one of the best singles of 2015 in recent weeks, it seems like a good day to share our top five Terri Clark singles and albums!

Here are my lists.


  1. Pain to Kill
  2. Fearless
  3. Some Songs
  4. How I Feel
  5. Roots and Wings


  1. Every Time I Cry
  2. No Fear
  3. I Cheated on You
  4. I Wanna Do it All
  5. Three Mississippi



  1. I’m not familiar enough with Terri’s album to compile a top 5 but i have always enjoyed her as a singles artist.

    1. When Boy Meets Girl
    2. Better Things to do
    3. Three Mississippi
    4. A Little Gasoline
    5. I Wanna Do It All

  2. Great top 5 for a great artist!

    1. Fearless
    2. Pain to Kill
    3. The Long Way Home
    4. Some Songs
    5. Classic

    1. No Fear
    2. Empty
    3. Three Mississippi
    4. Longer
    5. If You Want Fire

  3. I’ve never listen to as much of Clark’s discography as I’ve wanted (might as well get started on that), but I at least know enough of her singles to give you a list:

    1. No Fear
    2. Three Mississippi
    3. She Didn’t Have Time
    4. I Just Wanna Be Mad
    5. Every Time I Cry

  4. albums:
    1. Fearless
    2. How I Feel
    3. Pain to Kill
    4. The Long Way Home
    5. Terri Clark
    1. Every Time I Cry
    2. You’re Easy on the Eyes
    3. Girls Lie Too
    4. No Fear
    5. You Tell Me

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