Daily Top Five: Deep Cuts

61 Tim LetToday’s Top Five:  What are five “deep cuts” of a favorite artist that you recommend to those who might only know that artist’s hits?

Here’s my list for Tim McGraw:

  1. Why We Said Goodbye
  2. Tickin’ Away
  3. Open Season on My Heart
  4. Between the River and Me
  5. Still on the Line


  1. Carrie Underwood
    1. Wine After Whiskey
    2. Forever Changed
    3. Good In Goodbye
    4. What Can I Say
    5. Someday When I Stop Loving You

  2. I’m going to spread my five out over various artists:

    1. “First Time Feeling”: Dan + Shay
    2. “I Heard Goodbye”: Dan + Shay
    3. “I Am A Town”: Mary Chapin Carpenter
    4. “That’s How I’ll Remember You”: David Nail
    5. “Rainin’ You”: Brad Paisley

  3. Miranda Lambert

    Virginia bluebell
    Time To Get A Gun
    Me & Your Cigarette
    Another Sunday In The South
    Old Sh*t

  4. Tim McGraw
    1. Still On The Line
    2. Train #10
    3. Kill Myself
    4. One Of These Days
    5. Blank Sheet of Paper

    Dierks Bentley
    1. Hurt Somebody
    2. Soon As You Can
    3. Sweet and Wild
    4. Gonna Get There Someday
    5. My Love Will Follow You

    Gary Allan
    1. A Showman’s Life
    2. The Devil’s Candy
    3. I Just Got Back From Hell
    4. Along The Way
    5. Sand In My Soul

    Brad Paisley
    1. A Man Don’t Have To Die
    2. Time Well Wasted
    3. Out In The Parking Lot
    4. Moonshine In The Trunk
    5. The Cigar Song

    Joe Nichols
    1. Somebody’s Mama
    2. It’s Me I’m Worried About
    3. She’s All Lady
    4. Talk Me Out of Tampa
    5. Old Things New

  5. for one song per artists:
    Edens Edge – Feels So Real
    Miranda Lambert – Desperation
    Rascal Flatts – Words I Couldn’t Say
    Danielle Bradbery – I Will Never Forget You
    Tim McGraw – Number 37405

  6. Crystal Gayle:
    1. You Were There For Me
    2. Someday Soon
    3. Hopeless Romantic
    4. You’ve Almost Got Me Believin’
    5. Dancing The Night Away

    Anne Murray
    1. I’ll Always Love You
    2. What’s Forever For (a big hit for Michael Martin Murphy but Anne cut it first)
    3. You’re A Part Of Me
    4. It Should Have Been Easy
    5. For No Reason At All

    Eli Young Band
    1. Jet Black and Jealous
    2. Recover
    3. My Old Man’s Son
    4. Everything Is You
    5. Get In The Car And Drive

    David Nail
    1. I’m A Fire
    2. She Rides Away
    3. Easy Love
    4. That’s How I’ll Remember You
    5. Missouri

  7. Despite what the critics have said about Linda Ronstadt over the years, that she’s just a singles artist or known only for “remakes”, the truth of the matter is that she was arguably the first female artist in any genre, country, rock, or otherwise, whose career was defined by the complete albums she made. As such, she has plenty of deep cuts on all of them.

    Here are five:

    1. TRY ME AGAIN (she co-wrote this with her long time backing musician Andrew Gold for her 1976 album Hasten Down The Wind; her spiritual follower Trisha Yearwood covered it quite honorably in 2000)

    2. WILLING (a song about driving trucks with eighteen, as opposed to four, wheels, written by the late Lowell George, and done by Linda on her landmark 1974 album Heart Like A Wheel)

    3. COLORADO (from her 1973 album Don’t Cry Now, written by Rick Roberts, about being wanting to come back home after being so long away from it. Linda’s from Arizona and not Colorado, but the heartfelt way she sings this song is authentic all the same, befitting someone who grew up in the Intermountain West)

    4. A RIVER FOR HIM (from Linda’s 1993 album Winter Light; she invests a true low-key but heartfelt poignancy on this song, which was written by her good pal Emmylou Harris)

    5. HEARTBREAK KIND (a kind of honky-tonk C&W/rock toe-tapping track from 1998’s We Ran that I feel is one of Linda’s most underrated single tracks. Marty Stuart and Paul Kennerley co-wrote it, and Linda got her long-time sideman Bernie Leadon to sing harmony and do his trademark Telecaster stringbending electric guitar thing).

  8. Trisha Yearwood

    1. Hello, I’m Gone (From Everybody Knows )
    2. Here Comes Temptation (From The Song Remembers When )
    3. End of The World (From PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit )
    4. Woman Walk The Line (From Hearts In Armor )
    5. There’s A New Kid In Town (From The Sweetest Gift )

  9. This is going to be difficult
    Dolly Parton:
    1. Falling Out of Love With Me
    2. Somebody’s Everything
    3. Shattered Image
    4. Smoky Mountain Memories
    5. Robert (This one is VERY old, but such a great story song)
    Bonus: for her more pop sounding music:
    1. Nickels and Dimes
    2.Almost In Love
    3. Say Goodnight

  10. 1. “The Car in Front of Me” (I’ll Stay Me)
    2. “You Don’t Know Jack” (Tailgates & Tanlines)
    3. “Dirt Road Diary” (Crash My Party)
    4. “I Knew You That Way” (Tailgates & Tanlines)
    5. “Too Damn Young” (Tailgates & Tanlines)

  11. And it would be remiss of me not to mention Mo Pitney’s album cut “Clean Up on Aisle Five” even though the album isn’t out yet I don’t think. Guarantee nothing close comes out by a new ‘country’ artist the rest of this year. Maybe they’ll even play it on the radio (yeah, right…)

  12. Most of Charlie Daniels best stuff was played by AOR stations in the 1970s before “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” came out.
    We used to play a short version of “Saddle Tramp” which was as good as anything from country artists (I like the long version too) at the time.
    1. Saddle Tramp
    2. The South’s Gonna Do It
    3. Dixie On My Mind
    4. Long Haired Country Boy (original pot-smoking version)
    5. Uneasy Rider
    Until Hotel California, The Eagles used to tour in cowboy hats.
    1. Train Leaves Here This Morning
    2. Bitter Creek
    3. Doolin’ Dalton
    4. Ol’ 55
    5. Doolin’ Dalton\Desperado Reprise (which will turn heads for those who know Deperado but never heard the album)

  13. Garth Brooks

    1. Learning To Live Again
    2. In Lonesome Dove
    3. Night Rider’s Lament
    4. Victim of The Game
    5. You Move Me

  14. Reba, picking 5 will be hard….. So I’m gonna have to go by decade!

    1. If I Had Only Known(For My Broken Heart)
    2. Now You Tell Me(Rumor Has It)
    3. He Wants To Get Married (It’s Your Call)
    4. Read My Mind (Read My Mind)
    5. Lonely Alone (If You See Him)

    1. You Really Better Love Me After This (Behind The Scene)
    2. Don’t Touch Me There (Whoever’s In New England)
    3. The Stairs (The Last One To Know)
    4. My Mind Is On You ( What Am I Gonna Do About You)
    5. I’ve Still Got The Love That We Made ( The Last One To Know)

    1. Myself Without You (Greatest Hits Volume 3)
    2. Maggie Creek Road (Keep On Loving You)
    3. Love Land ( Love Somebody)
    4. She Cant Save Him (Reba Duets)
    5. That’s When I Knew. ( Love Somebody)

    Love My Reba!

  15. Travis, that was a great idea going by decade for someone like Reba. I should have done that for Dolly. There are so few people like Reba & Dolly, where picking 5 is just impossible.

  16. It’s hard enough picking just one artist, let alone just five songs by them!

    I have to go with George Strait
    1. He Must Have Really Hurt You Bad
    2. He Took the Wind From Her Sails
    3. I Ain’t Her Cowboy Anymore
    4. Without Me Around
    5. Her Goodbye Hit Me in the Heart

    But since Kevin picked Tim McGraw, I’ll add a few he didn’t mention:
    1. Don’t Mention Memphis
    2. Blank Sheet of Paper
    3. Portland, Maine
    4. Telluride
    5. You Had to Be There

  17. Some of my favorite artists. I wanted to list a few that I hadn’t yet brought up in other threads. Willie Nelson and EmmyLou are two of my top-5 favorites and so I felt inclined to include them yet again.

    EmmyLou Harris . . .
    1. Spanish is a Loving Tongue
    2. Red Dirt Girl
    3. Rosewood Casket with Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt
    4. Wheels of Love
    5. My Father’s House

    Willie Nelson . . .
    1. The Scientist
    2. Every Time He Drinks, He Thinks of Her with Lukas Nelson
    3. Graceland
    4. I’ve Got A Lot of Traveling To Do
    5. Gravedigger

    Tom T. Hall . . .
    1. Hello Vietnam
    2. Faster Horses (The Cowboy and The Poet)
    3. America The Ugly
    4. Second Handed Flowers
    5. Ballad of Forty Dollars

    Loretta Lynn . . .
    1. Dear Uncle Sam
    2. Wings of a Dove with Dolly Parton & Tammy Wynette (Honky Tonk Angels)
    3. Peace In The Valley
    4. The Letter with Conway Twitty
    5. Let Her Fly with Dolly Parton & Tammy Wynette (Honky Tonk Angels)

    Brooks & Dunn . . .
    1. South of Santa Fe
    2. Tequila Town
    3. Hurt Train
    4. Texas Women (Don’t Stay Lonely Long)
    5. A Few Good Rides Away

  18. The Mavericks
    1. Children
    2. Neon Blue
    3. Forgive Me
    4. This Broken Heart
    5. Things I Cannot Change

    George Strait
    1. You’re Dancing This Dance All Wrong
    2. Just Look At Me
    3. I’d Just As Soon Go
    4. A Better Rain
    5. A Showman’s Life

    Dwight Yoakam
    1. Since I Started Drinking Again
    2. Sad, Sad Music
    3. Two Doors Down
    4. Home For Sale
    5. Lonesome Roads

    Tim McGraw
    1. Old Town New
    2. You Don’t Love Me Anymore
    3. Telluride
    4. You Get Used To Somebody
    5. She’ll Have You Back

    Keith Whitley
    1. I’m Losing You All Over Again
    2. Somewhere Between
    3. Another Town (possibly my favorite Keith Whitley song)
    4. Wherever You Are Tonight
    5. She Never Got Me Over You (never appeared on a Whitley album but Mark Chesnutt covered it. Whitley’s version is around the net)

  19. Tim McGraw

    01 Blank Sheet of Paper
    02 Tinted Windows
    03 Between the River and Me
    04 You Had to Be There
    05 Why We Said Goodbye

    David Nail

    01 The Secret
    02 Brand New Day
    03 Missouri
    04 Clouds
    05 Desiree

    Gary Allan

    01 I Think I’ve Had Enough
    02 No Regrets
    03 Don’t Tell Mama
    04 Hungover Heart
    05 Yesterday’s Rain

  20. Hal Ketchum
    1. Daddy’s Oldsmobile
    2. I Miss My Mary
    3. Softer Than a Whisper
    4. She’s Still in Dallas
    5. Old Soldiers

    I see that 3 others mentioned one of my favorite Tim McGraw songs, “Blank Sheet of Paper”, written by Don Schlitz and the Warren Brothers.

    and Brian mentioned one of my favorite new songs, Mo Pitney’s “Clean Up On Aisle Five”.

  21. Sara Evans (in no particular order)

    1. “I Learned That From You”
    2. “Tell Me”
    3. “What That Drink Cost Me”
    4. “Otis Redding”
    5. “Better Off” (still hoping that one is released as a single)

    These vary wildly depending on the mood I’m in, but these were the first to come to mind.

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