Single Review: Rascal Flatts, “I Like the Sound of That”

“I Like the Sound of That”
Rascal Flatts

Written by Jesse Frasure, Shay Mooney, and Meghan Trainor

A solid chorus and a pleasantly twangy arrangement make the new Rascal Flatts single listenable.

But was there nobody in the studio who could tell Gary LeVox that he was missing those high notes in the first verse?

He sounds like a prairie dog caught in a bear trap. It’s painful to listen to, and nearly ruins an otherwise hair-above-mediocre record.

Grade: C


  1. Missing those high notes, producing sounds that are painful to listen to, is what originally turned me off RF’s music.

    There’s another song – and album – with the same title that will never get any radio play or reviews other than on amazon. “I Like the Sound of That” is the title of the debut album (and its 3rd track) from Middleman Burr (released 8/28/15) and one of my favorite albums this year. Middleman Burr is the duo of Nashville songwriters Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr.

  2. I think it’s depressing that Rascal Flatts is at a point where they’re trying to mimic (and are actively recording material written by) an act that’s been accused of ripping off their original style (Dan + Shay). But Gary LeVox just can’t do those high, light tenor lines like Shay Mooney does, and he can’t bring the same go-for-broke cheesy sincerity.

    But, then again, I don’t think anyone can make a line like “You sing along with some Timberlake bumpin'”, or that redundant hook, sound good.

    But I agree, I do really like the arrangement. That does make the whole thing at least listenable. I’m feeling a C on this, too.

  3. There’s no room for haters! This group will be around long after your career is wrapped. Maybe you should consider a positive word spin approach with your writing. We all have different taste in music but you don’t have to attack the best vocalist in the industry.

  4. The production reminds me of “Mayberry” which was one of their better-sounding singles. But the lyrics are pretty inane and LeVox sounds as annoying as ever. I think a C is about right, maybe a touch generous.

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