Single Review: William Michael Morgan, “I Met a Girl”

“I Met a Girl”
William Michael Morgan

Written by Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, and Trevor Rosen

A great debut single stands on its own. A good one piques your curiosity and makes you want to hear more.

“I Met a Girl” is a good debut single.  William Michael Morgan appears to have a solid traditional country voice. I say appears, because the song itself doesn’t have much of a melody. I can hear the influence of George Strait in his understated delivery, but that was true of most of the nineties hat acts that came and went. There’s some real potential in there and I want to hear more.

Another interesting thing about “I Met a Girl” is its alternative timeline feel. It suggests what country music could sound like today if the same songwriters were deviating from the bro country cliches and the producers were using No Fences as their blueprint instead of The Life of Chris Gaines.

Kudos to Morgan for coming out of the gate with a pure country record. It might not break any new ground musically or lyrically, but its dogged insistence on being just country – not Southern Rock, not Americana, not Adult Top 40  – is quietly revolutionary.

Grade: B+


  1. Pleasant song. It didn’t grab my attention like Mo Pitney’s “Clean-up on Aisle Five” but not bad. Isn’t Mo coming out with an album soon?

  2. This song moves from #10 to #8 on the Billboard Top Country Songs chart and grabs the Biggest Gain In Airplay nod for the week. It also moves up to #2 on the Airplay chart right behind Billy Currington at #1.

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