Single Review: Michael Ray, “Think a Little Less”

“Think a Little Less”
Michael Ray

Written by Barry Dean, Jon Nite, Thomas Rhett, and Jim Robbins

Imagine a second rate Jason Aldean record, then think of something a little less, and you’ll be left with this one.

With no discernible melody, a personality-free vocal performance, and a backing track seemingly designed to fade into the background, “Think a Little Less” simply has no reason to exist, as far as I’m concerned.
It adds nothing to the landscape of country music, and it isn’t interesting enough to warrant further discussion.

Grade: D


  1. I like it. It’s just as good, if not better, than anything Keith Urban has put out in the last 5 years.

    No it’s not the best song we’ve ever heard, but I think it deserves better than a ‘D’. I’d give it a ‘B-‘.

  2. This Michael Ray idiot and his meat-headed lyrics have been abusing my gag reflex for three singles now. The scary thing is this is probably the most tolerable of the three due to its production.

    But the biggest issue I have with this song is that it’s a mindless hookup track revolving around the line “kiss a little more, think a little less” that’s framed as really dramatic and romantic. It’s neither. It’s a stakes-free bro fantasy from yet another indistinguishable white kid with a guitar.

    Kevin’s right. This has no reason to exist, and I’d add that Michael Ray has demonstrated no reason to have a career in music.

  3. CAJ, if this guy is better than Keith Urban, why isn’t this song sitting atop the ITunes chart? Keith’s recent song is sitting at #1 right now and has been for a while.

  4. Gloria, I was a fan of Keith Urban for about his first three albums. He’s been hit or miss with me since then. I wish I liked his current music as much as his older stuff. He’s someone I want to like, but just can’t right now. However, I am happy for Urban’s recent success – being a judge on AI and having another #1 hit. He seems like a very nice guy and I like when good guys succeed.

    But I happen to like this Michael Ray song. And like the media overdoing the Donald Trump hate before the election, I’m kinda tired of all the ‘bro’ bashing in country music. It’s fine for Aldean, Bryan, FGL, etc… because they’re all insanely successful right now. But for some of these new guys trying to make it, I just feel like they’re unfairly being beaten down because we’re all supposed to only want new female artists to succeed. Well, except for Kelsea Ballerini – for some reason, a lot of people are okay with ragging on her.

  5. Caj,
    Not liking this song or Michael Ray’s music has nothing to do with wanting females to succeed. That’s a ridiculous assumption/assertion!

    I certainly don’t think Ray is better than Keith Urban, but success on the charts does not prove an artist’s superior worth or talent, especially here at Country Universe.

  6. Leeann, you and I are never going to agree on this, but this site is a whole lot easier on the female artists than the guys. Compare the D and F grades given to the guys vs the girls.

    I like this site because I love country music and enjoy discussing it. But there is a bias for certain artists on here. It’s like a snobbish Mean-Girls clique where certain artists can do no wrong and other artists are a waste of space. Now some of that is from the posters but some of it is from ya’ll.

  7. Caj

    I find it funny you say this site is easier on female artists when Kelsea Ballerini current single got a D and Lauren Alaina “Road Less Traveled” got a C. Elsewhere artists like Chris Stapleton, Eric Church and Keith Urban all score in the A to B range.

    What I love about this site is the variety of opinions based on the writers. It makes this website really stand out!

  8. Caj,
    It’s no hidden secret that we have a special appreciation for female artists, but it’s not at the expense of good male artists. To say that we don’t like a male artist’s music (in this case, Michael Ray’s music) because he’s not a female is as baffling and juvenile as when somebody says that we don’t like somebody’s music because we’re “just jealous.”

  9. Raymond, if you’ll go back and read my my second post, you’ll see that I singled out Kelsea as the exception. They hate her.

    Leeann, as I said, we’ll never agree on this. I like and respect Kevin but the things he said in this critique are way too harsh IMO. And it’s happening more and more on here to a lot of these younger guys.

  10. Because their music is not good, not because they are not women. They can and should do better. I get that we won’t agree, but it doesn’t stop me from arguing an assertion that I think is extreme and baseless. Also, this song is bland to say the least. The same would be the case if Miranda Lambert sang it. It has nothing to do with Ray’s age or his gender.

  11. Regarding great female talent, my daughter and I attended a Margo Price concert in Boston last evening. Now, that lady has talent. Great concert. She did her current album’s repertoire and added in Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson’s Me and Bobby McGee. She apologized for not doing Jolene but she was still working on it. Margo’s opening act was a fellow named Hugh Masterson. I was impressed with him and hope we see more of him. Thus far, he seems still under the radar but has an EP coming out next year. (I got a pre-sale copy!) There is great country music out there, male and female, ladies and gentlemen.

  12. In the meantime, I’ll keep checking in for the A+ grade that Kacey Musgrave’s new Christmas album (and anything else she releases) will most likely be receiving.

  13. Caj,

    It is not a fight you can’t win. Believe, I have tried. It is tough to go against the majority here.

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