Single Review: Brothers Osborne, “21 Summer”

“21 Summer”
Brothers Osborne

Written by John Osborne, T.J. Osborne, and Craig Wiseman

This sounds like what Chris Isaak would sound like if he was contractually obligated to record bro-country.

It’s somewhat sonically interesting, flirting with the Gary Allan “Some Rings” sound, if it were played in an echoing cavern at too slow of a speed.

But any novelty wore off as soon as I heard “cut-off jeans” used without irony. This is very well-tread lyrical ground – Jason Aldean has a top five hit that’s basically about the same thing, and his take on it was hardly original, either.

So to elevate it over its recycled storyline and odd production, we’d need one heck of a vocal performance, and we don’t get it.

Grade: C


  1. Well-worn territory it may be, but I REALLY like this song, I’d probably give it a B. The shimmering production alone makes it worthwhile, ESPECIALLY the keys-touched “whoas.” I get the feeling that this is what Kip Moore wishes he could make his wistful romantic songs sound like but can never quite achieve it.

    And while you might not be impressed TJ Osborne’s vocals, I certainly was. His low register is perfect on the verses and when he cuts a bit looser on the second chorus it sounds sincere.

    I think what the song really needs is one more chorus repeat to bring everything home structurally, but what’s presented here is enough for me. Good song.

  2. I agree with SRM. And they are from my home state-Maryland-so I feel the need to support even a minor effort on their part. But the ” cut-off jeans” part made me cringe.

  3. …taking a little input from chris isaak or gary allan ain’t such a bad thing, when you write a song. cut-offs may feel a little worn out and are taken off and put on too often in today’s country radio hits, agreed. then again, it’s the garment that you come across all over the world in the hot season. even “flipper’s” friends bud and sandy wore them all the time in that 60’s tv-show. fair enough, they kept them on even when they got wet, when fooling around with their friend. i like the somewhat boring sound and vibe of this song alright, when i hear it.

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