Album Review: Chris Young, It Must Be Christmas

Chris Young
It Must Be Christmas


Although it’s been said – many times, many ways –  it’s true that Chris Young has decidedly one of the best voices in country music. So, when that voice is matched with quality songs, it’s expected that the result of the two parts will be impressive.

However, it turns out that even as a lover of Christmas music, and Young is singing songs that I presumably enjoy, his Christmas album still didn’t turn out to be particularly engaging.

While I have eventually come to appreciate the album, it took more than one listen for me to warm up to it.  Chris Young’s inviting country voice paired with some reliable classics ultimately makes for a comforting Christmas album, even if it doesn’t particularly stand out among this year’s releases.

Recommended Tracks: “The First Noel (Feat. Brad Paisley),” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Versions of these capsule Christmas album reviews will also appear in the Christmas edition of Country Style Magazine.



  1. I would agree: Chris Young’s voice is head and shoulders above most contemporary male country singers and his songs generally are quite pleasing.

  2. What I love about this album is that it doesn’t “stand out.” It’s not overproduced, no gimmicks, mostly simple arrangements, all of which allows Chris’ voice and the lyrics to take center stage. This is a very refreshing difference between this album and most Christmas albums.

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