Single Review: Ashley McBryde, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere”

“Girl Goin’ Nowhere”

Ashley McBryde

Written by Jeremy Bussey and Ashley McBryde

As perfect an opening track as you can have on a debut album, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” is an autobiographical statement of purpose, and I’m amazed that Ashley McBryde’s label waited this long to release it.  Heck, Garth Brooks has already been covering it live.

Proving the naysayers wrong is always cathartic, so it’s not surprising that this song dedicated to her early critics resonates so well.  What’s most impressive is the intimacy of the record. McBryde is no shrinking violent, but her voice trembles with vulnerability as she recalls the harsh words directed her way by those who said she’d never make it.

Maybe it’s because she’s still in the first stages of her career, but “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” feels like its author believed those who doubted her just might be right, and is overwhelmed with the realization that, no, her talent has won out and the impossible dream is coming true.

This isn’t a “nanner nanner” kiss off like “How Do You Like Me Now.”  This record pulsates with gratitude, and makes it all the more enjoyable to root for the girl that too few believed in.

Grade: A

[Editor’s Note: Yes, the album is called Girl Going Nowhere and the song is called “Girl Goin’ Nowhere.” That inconsistency is driving me crazy, too. – KJC]


  1. …the must-see clip of her performing this fine song is the one of her singing it at the opry. if that does not move you anymore a little – you may be dead.

  2. Had no idea this was only a single now, she performed it on the Opry, what, two years ago? And agreed with Tom, that performance is everything.

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