Single Review: Lady Antebellum, “What If I Never Get Over You”

“What If I Never Get Over You”

Lady Antebellum

Written by Sam Ellis, Jon Green, Ryan Hurd and Laura Veltz

This is the best material that Lady Antebellum has worked with in many years.

Credit the songwriting team for mining familiar territory but nailing the sentiment.  Heartbreak songs and country music are always going to go well together, and the desperation of the early stages of heartache are captured well.

I will fully admit to never “getting” Lady Antebellum.  They’ve always sounded to me like Little Big Town after downing some Ambien.  So I can’t get into this record for the same reasons as always: the vocals sound awkward and the production is bland. It’s as if there’s an underlying fear that something might rouse enough interest in the listener to be lulled out of complacency and possibly change the radio station.

I can imagine this playing in an elevator somewhere and not even noticing it enough for it to bother me.  But I can’t imagine actively choosing to listen to it.  What a waste of a great song.

Grade: C-



  1. So … is the headline intentional?

    I wouldn’t say the song offers enough lyrical detail for this to be a true duet, though I do appreciate them trying to show both perspectives. Still, it just comes across as way too overdone, and the narrator is about as whiny as can be.

  2. Agree with your review and I also admit that I was never a big lady a fan. I see the song debuted on Kix Brooks’ Billboard Airplay survey at 25 for week beginning 5/27.

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