Single Review: Tim McGraw, “I Called Mama”

“I Called Mama”

Tim McGraw

Written by Marv Green, Lance Miller, and Jimmy Yeary

Releasing right before mother’s day in the middle of a pandemic, it’s easy to imagine that “I Called Mama” will be one of Tim McGraw’s biggest hits of recent years.

It helps that it has thematic elements of some of McGraw’s signature tunes.  There’s the capture life while you still can nudging of “Live Like You Were Dying,” the wistful nostalgia of “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,” and the gently prodding moral reminders of “Humble and Kind.”

There isn’t anything new, though, and “I Called Mama” doesn’t cover any new ground to make up for the retreads of territory he’s covered before and better.

There’s a charming Hallmark sentiment to it all, and I’m never going to complain about a cleanly produced record that puts its faith in the strength of the song, and doesn’t bother with any bells and whistles.

“I Called Mama” would be a career highlight for the lesser talents that populate the airwaves today.  But for Tim McGraw, it’s just a pleasant footnote.

Grade: B


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