Introduction of New Writer Michelle Ivey

Country Universe is happy to welcome our newest contributor, Michelle Ivey.  Here are some introductory words from Michelle, who has also written the Single Review published today. – KJC

Hey, my name is Michelle. I’m in my early thirties, and have lived in Nashville for three years. I have a wide taste in music, I listen to everything from opera to pop. However, country music was my first love. 

According to my dad, I was writing songs from a very early age. I would come up with tunes on a small piano and add to it. He said Reba McEntire and her music were part of my DNA. He remembers me singing “Is There Life Out There” when I was around three. One of my earliest memories is him walking me to kindergarten while I sang Fancy at the top of my lungs. 

For the longest time, I wouldn’t listen to anything but country music. I was a bit of a snob about it until 6th grade. I was suddenly on a different bus line to school where the driver would play the local top 40 station. There, I fell in love with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I began to explore other artists and genres and really enjoyed learning new things. 

When I was 14, my mom and dad bought a Dolly Parton cassette tape. It was one of her Greatest Hits albums and although I had heard her music before over the years, this time it hit me differently. Her voice is beautiful. Her lyrical quality is astounding. Christmas that year, I got a boom box, a Dolly CD, and an Aretha Franklin CD.  

I read her autobiography, and one day decided to start checking her siblings on Google to see if I could find any of their music online. From there, I found her sister Stella. I wrote Stella an email, and she wrote me back. A few years later, I had the opportunity to sing on stage with Stella at Dukesfest 2006. 

I am so excited to be able to write for Country Universe. I love reading the Sirius Top 1000 commentary. I’ve been consistently reading CU for the past year, and I am so honored to be part of this. I am so excited to see where this, Nashville, and 2021 will take me.  

Thanks for reading this! Happy New Year to everyone! 


  1. Welcome, Michelle! I loved reading your story – the Stella Parton encounter is especially awesome. Looking forward to reading more of your content here at CU!

  2. Zackary: I will legit talk your ear off about that experience. I’ll go through every detail and turn it into a really long story
    The song I sang with her was Standard Lie #1 and she called me up because I was so young and knew all the words to all her songs.

  3. Welcome aboard, Michelle. I look forward to reading your write-ups. My earliest and favorite artists include Reba and Dolly too.

  4. Welcome. I read the blog pretty consistently and comment once in a while. I look forward to reading your articles. I love Dolly and Reba and I’ve only heard Stella sing Standard Lie #1 but she certainly has as much talent as her sister! I was lucky enough to see Reba on tour in Australia a few years ago, she’s wonderful live.

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