Single Review: Mitch Rossell, “2020”


Mitch Rossell

Written by Mitch Rossell

This song was #1 on the iTunes Top New Country, and with the way 2020 was, I was curious to hear it. The first time around, I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics. The song has a nice piano playing a melancholy tune, and Mitch sounds very sincere.

The song starts out as a letter to God. He says that the Devil has been bullying us and asks for God to help us out. He talks about how everyone has had to take sides, the country is in disarray, and even a mask won’t save us. He then goes on to ask God to help us see everyone the way he does, whether we are red or blue. He begs God in the chorus to help us “before hindsight’s 2020.”

The rest of the song follows more of a traditional song to God. He asks God for light, to clear weeds, to show us the Gospel truth. He says we can go back to being a better country if we all ask God for help.

Mitch is trying to keep things neutral in this song, and is pleading for people on both sides to come together. I feel like while I can appreciate him not trying to get political with it, some people will listen to this and find a way to make it political. I also am not sure we can “go back” nor am I really sure what he means by “go back.”

If you’re a religious person and am yearning for peace, you would probably love this. If you’re not, you could still appreciate the message behind the song. Mitch definitely seems to believe what he is singing, and he sounds extremely sincere.

Grade: C+


  1. Garth Brooks’ support of Rossell as both a singer and songwriter is how I first became aware of Rossell as an artist. He wrote Brooks’ “Ask Me How I Know.”

    I think there is enough here in terms of clever lyrics and vocal intensity to understand Brooks’ admiration/promotion of Rossell.

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