Single Review: Keith Urban, “Wild Hearts”

Keith Urban Wild Hearts

“Wild Hearts”

Keith Urban

Written by Brad Tursi, Eric Paslay, Jennifer Wayne, and Keith Urban

What do you get when you take a member of Old Dominion, a member of Runaway June, a washed-up D-lister that never was from the mid-2010s, and an artist who should know better? Apparently you get this cloying inspirational anthem, that’s what.

Which is to say that, despite finally cranking back in the arena-ready electric axes that made his 2000s output so endearingly infectious, this is just a big cloud of nothin’ from Keith Urban that panders (“Saw the Man in Black spotlight in the air,” for real?) and doesn’t feel nearly as anthemic as it’s trying to be. Urban’s flow on the verses is unbelievably clunky, his vocals get buried in the mix – which is sort of the last thing you want for a track in support of the underdogs – and the song is just mostly boring overall. Better than his recent output, but there’s hardly anything wild about this at all.

And on the horizon, The Speed of Now Part Two will now cometh, apparently. Joy.

Grade: C


  1. This comment is totally not relevant but I just have to say. When I see a song written by 4 or more people and the artist is one of the songwriters I have a hard time believing they actually wrote it. Seem more like a business deal to me. Maybe they are in the room but the “writers” wrote it. Maybe it’s just me, as I remember when the best songs were written by one or two people.

  2. Tom,
    I would often agree with you on this, but I do think it’s highly likely that Urban did have a hand in writing this, since he doesn’t put his name on every song that he records and he is actually a songwriter. With that said, I agree with Zack that this song is not good.

  3. Get over it! You call that a review? If you don’t like it don’t listen to it idiot! Go back to the 1950s country twang and drink a case of beer while your at it!

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