Single Review: MacKenzie Porter, “Coming Soon to a Bar Near You”

“Coming Soon to a Bar Near You”

MacKenzie Porter

Written by Hillary Lindsay, Amy Wadge and Emily Weisband

“Coming Soon to a Bar Near You” is the latest release from MacKenzie Porter, and it delivers a solid punch.

The song begins describing the typical opening up of a bar. The sun is going down soon, chairs are coming down, and the alcoholis being set up in preparation. It then moves to the typical patrons of the bar. One is near the bathroom with an extra strong drink, one is playing a song to forget about someone, another is kissing a stranger. The one to focus on, however, is the one whose heart was broken. MacKenzie says “Every five minutes, there’s another heart breaking. And they’re coming soon to a bar near you.”

MacKenzie then goes on to describe the person. You might not be able to tell, but they will be broken, barely hanging on. They are going to try to disguise themselves, and they may even fool you. Going back to the chorus, you realize maybe ALL of the patrons she described have a broken heart, they just show it in a different way.

“Coming Soon to a Bar Near You” is reminiscent of an early 2000s Leann Rimes single. MacKenzie’s delivery of it will have you feeling the ache of being broken hearted in the bar. This is an excellent song to add to any playlist that you have.

Grade: B+

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