2022 Year in Review

2022  was a great year for Country Universe!  Thanks to our engaged commenters on the website itself and on the official Twitter account that is managed brilliantly by Jonathan Keefe, we’ve had our busiest traffic in five years.

For the first time, we’ve archived all of our content from an individual year on its own page:

Country Universe:

The Year in Review


Still to come for 2022 are our Year-End lists, which will be published in a new format in the coming days.

Looking ahead to 2023, you can expect the continuation of Every No. 1 Single of the Eighties, which we aim to complete by the end of the year; new entries in our career retrospectives of Olivia Newton-John and Trisha Yearwood; more single review roundups; and new entries in ongoing series like Ranked, Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists, and more; and if history is any indication, some new series and concepts that we haven’t even thought of yet.

We’ll also be updating our archives throughout the year to bring them in line with our current layouts and embedded multimedia content, in preparation for our 20th Anniversary Year in 2024.

A big thank you to our readers, old and new, and my deepest gratitude to Jonathan, Zack, Ben, Peter, Michelle, Leeann, Sam, and Tara for their contributions throughout the year.



  1. Happy New Year. I’m particularly looking forward to the Olivia Newton-John and Trisha Yearwood retrospectives, they are possibly my two all-time favourite female singers and I’m not quite sure the female qualifier is strictly necessary for them but then I think about Rodney Crowell or Chris Isaak and yes, it is.

    • I’m looking forward to updating the ONJ series to include all of the new reissues! I’ll get it done once I’ve got the GHV2 Deluxe in my possession. It’s supposed to come out this week but I don’t have a delivery date until later in the month.

      Definitely time to finish the Trisha feature as well! It’s a good thing she hasn’t been putting out albums any faster than we’ve been putting the entries out.

  2. Happy New Year, Kevin! And kudos for such a stellar list of posts this year – the ’90s retrospective was a labor of love, and the ’80s one … well, I must admit I’m enjoying the TG Sheppard roasts! Ha!

    (Also, I myself am hoping to contribute more to the site beyond the single review roundups!)

    Here’s to another great year at CU! Can’t believe the site turns 20 this year.

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