Review: Bon Jovi, “(You Want To) Make a Memory”

Bon Jovi, “(You Want To) Make a Memory”

Listening to Bon Jovi’s first official attempt at country music, it’s hard not to be struck by how similar the vocal and general groove is to a Keith Urban record. The band could’ve gotten away with being a lot more rock than they chose to be. They hold back for a good part of the record, and I kept waiting for their trademark sound to kick in. It’s a pretty good song, but I can’t help but think it would’ve been better for them to pitch it to Urban or Sugarland. I’m curious to hear the rest of the record, and to see if country radio embraces another pop/rock star. There’s nothing particularly country about their version of country music so far, but that hasn’t mattered much this past decade anyway, has it?

Grade: B

Listen: (You Want To) Make a Memory


  1. I love the song. And I’ve heard a few tracks already, there is a tinge of Country, but I’ll reserve my judgment when the album’s released. :-) Check out “Any Other Day”.

  2. I like it! I love the band anyway and to me they can do no wrong. Their music is great for any mood and I can’t wait to see them doing this track live here in the UK! Looking forward to the new album too.

  3. At first I thought ‘What’s that dodgy country sound in the background, did the band’s duet that got all those country awards do something to taint my favourite band’s musical style?!’ but the more I listened the more I could vision standing on a cliff looking over the Grand Canyon or something just as amazing and dramatic with someone loveable so it’ all good with me. Can’t wait for their new album!!

  4. This new song doesn’t seems to be a “country style”. I’ve heard it and I must say we gotta keep waiting till the record will be completed. It’s really a good song

  5. This song is GREAT! I’ve always been a Bon Jovi fan and I’m exited that they finaly made another album. Country sound or not They are great!

  6. Very poor attempt. Great marketing and people thinking that the bands intent is pure. They do put on a nice show, but just because of the name does not give them the right to put out under par stuff that wouldn’t sell if it was anyone else. Sorry, but my $$$ is staying in my pocket on this one.

  7. i love bon jovi,,, they rock in every way,,, there is no solo artist or ban on this planet that comes close to them. their music is the best. you wanna make a memory is an over night classic,,, it is so deep, soulful and smooth

  8. It’s not quite country, but close enough. I heard this on my local radio station Country 92.5 and fell in love with on the first spin. It makes a great new sound among all the other truly country tracks. I never was a Bon Jovi fan, but this one is going into my favorites = )

  9. Me parece una cancion muy al estilo Bon Jovi de los 90, esta hermosa, ojala que el album cuente con canciones mas fuertes, es una pieza hermosa.

  10. Another Great song from my favourite band and they just keep getting better and better. The song is amazing and cant wait for the 19th of june for the release. Its a beautiful birthday gift for me coz my birthday is on the 20th of june. Gonna spend the whole day listing to the legend with my girlfriend. Bon Jovi is the best there is and the best there wver will be. Wainting for the day when Bonjovi will come to INDIA so that i can watch the legend perform again.

    Keep up the good work guys.


  11. I do not like the song. It is extremely boring.It is another attempt by Bon Jovi via country music stations to get some attention because on the pop/rock scene the totally flop.

  12. I like Bon Jovi, don’t like the song. It is so boring I can’t even listen to the words. The only part I know about the song is “You want to make a memory”. That’s how boring it is. I give it a D.

  13. This is a truly amazing song – the 1st time I heard it I thought it was good, the 2nd time I wacthed the video to go with it and thought it was great the 3rd time I actually realised the meaning of the video and wow it struck me like a ton of bricks!! it brought me to tears. Originally I thought it was just about a failed relationship then when you watch it more closely he is actually dead and she is still living and getting by in life without him but misses him so much. This is not only a real tear jerker but such a fantastic amazing song – and if Bon Jovi himself ever reads these comments then thank you thank you thank you for making such a brilliant song – to anyone who hasnt heard it – go get it !!

  14. O My God!!! What a superb song ! pop, rock, country..who cares!!!itz the song, what an amazing song ! The video is great, i watched it and ended up cryin’ . BON JOVI…U R A GRRREAT SINGER! and I love and appreciate your work!

  15. I don’t usually listen to Bon Jovi but this is a really good song. I happened to stumble upon it flipping channels on TV one day and I liked it right away.

  16. What’s amazing is that Bon Jovi as a band has probably exerted a lot more influence on the modern country sound than they are willing to take credit for and ownership of. So many of today’s songwriters grew up fans of Bon Jovi and other hard rock/hair bands. In between Bon Jovi and the even more influential Mutt Lange transition from hard rock to pop country sound with Shania you can’t escape the influence of 80s rock in country today. As a native New Jerseyan who was exposed to Bon Jovi early and often (“Runaway” was a local radio fave back in ’83 and I saw the band OPEN FOR RATT in ’85 – though the crowd was clearly in their court – those girls’ screams were ear-shattering). I was never fond of Jon’s ballad vocals as much as the rockers, but this ballad works for me. I like the pacing, and thankfully, Jon doesn’t try and reach too many dramatic vocal stretches.

    I’d love to hear some country singer take a stab at “Patience” by Guns ‘N’ Roses – I think that could come off gangbusters if done right.

  17. i thought the part about it sounding like keith urban was interesting, because keith originally sung “who says you can’t go home” with bon jovi, but they thought their voices were similar, so he recorded it with sugarland.
    this song is okay, but i think it is rahter repetitive

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