Pam Tillis at SXSW: Watch the Full Show Online

Pam Tillis performed a showcase concert at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas on Friday, March 16 during the SXSW Conference. The set list is dominated by her fantastic upcoming album, RhineStoned, but it also includes a traditional reworking of her signature hit, “Maybe It Was Memphis”, along with her cover of her dad’s “Mental Revenge” and the as yet unreleased “Don’t Leave Your Heart.

Meanwhile, Robert K. Oermann of Music Row has weighed in with his review of her latest single, “Band in the Window”:

“Down on Broadway, where the streets are paved with hopeful expectations,” there’s a band playing behind the window of a honky tonk. And nobody could sing its story better than this superb vocalist. Welcome back. I’ve missed you desperately.

I couldn’t have said it better msyelf. As good as that single is, it pales in comparison to my favorite tracks off of Rhinestoned. “Someone Somewhere Tonight” is my current fave, and she performed it at SXSW. Here are the links for each individual performance of Pam’s SXSW showcase:

Mental Revenge

Maybe It Was Memphis

Down By The Water

Don’t Leave Your Heart

Train Without a Whistle

Someone Somewhere Tonight

Band in the Window

Crazy By Myself

Life Has Sure Changed Us Around

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  1. Awesome…thanks! I’ll definitely have to check those out later. Right now, it’s late and I should probably be in bed (paper due on Monday lol). Pam is amazing…can’t wait!

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