Review: Amy Dalley, “Good Kind of Crazy”

Amy Dalley, “Good Kind of Crazy”

There are the basic elements of a good song here, but they don’t fully come together. I’m a fan of Dalley, and have enjoyed her previous singles, “I Would Cry” and “Men Don’t Change.” I just think that Curb keeps throwing out records on her to see if any will stick. I don’t know if this one will, given the struggles she’s had at radio with stronger singles. If you like the theme of the song, I’d recommend “Same Kind of Crazy” by Patty Loveless instead. You can read more about that over at iCF Music.
Grade: B-

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  1. I don’t like this new one from Amy. Her other ones were better, this one just seems too lifeless, there’s no emotion in it. I still think that she could be big one day but it will be a uphill battle, given to the fact that she already had about five singles released so far and none of them left much of an impact. D+

  2. Hey! Amy Dalley’s debut album is out and available from cdbaby on Jan 19 2009. It’s called “IT’S TIME” She is putting it out herself from her own lable, madjackrecords.
    go to her websiet for more info!!!

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