Review: Rodney Atkins, “These Are My People”

Rodney Atkins, “These Are My People”

Fantastic. I thought it was going to be another carbon-copy celebration of southern hillbilly culture, but after a few lines of that, reality kicks in, and the celebration is of the everyday life, complete with mistakes and screw-ups along the way.

I’m a city guy, but this is one of those rare celebrations of small-town life that makes it actually sound somewhat appealing to me. This guy is good. Very, very good.

Grade: B+

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  1. So boring, he is another clone. I have his first album and the sound was totally different than now. He is on Tim’s label and since Curb is losing Tim as a artist, his contract is finished they are tying to make him the next Tim.

    They changed his sound, trying their best to make him sound like Tim, even though it is forced and doesn’t seem natural coming from Rodney. Go listen to his first album he totally sounded different. Even getting him to sing them novelity type songs like Tim used to do.

    Curb is desperate since their money cow will be leaving them.

  2. You bash DAISY man then say that a TIM MCRAW WANNA BE IS GOOD!?!?!?! You really are clueless!!! H2H!!!
    Hey you H2H fan don’t be knocking Tim, he is the one givin H2H a big break.

  3. Atkins really doesn’t sound at all like Tim McGraw to me, either in vocal style or material he chooses. He sounds far more heavily influenced by George Strait to me.

  4. this song is one of thoes songs that u go around singing and dont even know it . i love the word and rodney atkins sounds good singing it

  5. I can honestly say that I thought he sounds a lot like Tim too. If you knew my friends and husband, you could ask them and they’d tell you that I’ve made this comment in the past. Please don’t call me an idiot though, just my opinion.:) I liked his song, “Sing Along”, though I really thought he sounded like Tim in that one. By the way, I like Tim; I have all of his CDs, so I’m not knocking him.

  6. Rodney Atkins is boring andl is he fails to present this timeless country material in a half-way original, appealing matter. NEXT!

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