Billy Currington, “Tangled Up”

Billy Currington, “Tangled Up”

Currington follows up his multi-week #1 “Good Directions”, a charming country shuffle, with “Tangled Up”, which has Currington trying on Keith Urban’s boots and finding that they don’t quite fit. His vocal is unconvincing and lacks the twang that makes his singing work. He just can’t pull of the rock star vibe, and he shouldn’t try. Unfortunately, this is the lead single from a new project, but hopefully it’s an anomaly. He’s a lot more believable singing about turnip trucks than tangled sheets, and he’s a much better singer than this record allows him to be.

Grade: C

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  1. I think it is a “good direction” for Billy. He has a sultry voice and this song allows us to see more of his passionate side. Billy has an age ranged audience and this is for the more mature. The fans love Billy! So, who wouldn’t dream of being “Tangled Up” with this man? Billy has grown vocally and become more comfortable. He still demonstrates through his music to touch every season of my heart. I enjoy his music,performances and knowing that he gives it his all. I hope more fans support him. As a Jerseygirl”mom” I have been a fan from the first album. You gotta love Billy! We do in New Jersey.

  2. Wow ………that review is way off! I love his new song and I don’t think Billy is trying to fill anyone elses boots, he fills his own just fine! His voice is incredibly sexy and he shows it off well in “Tangled Up”.

  3. WOW! What an AMAZING song. I just love the melody and the lyrics,i hope all of the songs on Billy’s new album is as great as this one! Keep up the AWESOME work Billy,We love you!

  4. OK..are we listening to the same song?….Your review is terrible..I have never hear such a cockamamie review before..that man is the hottest thing since sliced bread..Not to mention the best country music male singer out there right now..This new song is sultry and sexy ..everything that Billy is and more..also the song has great lyrics..that he co-wrote….so it makes the song even more special to us Street Team Angels!! :0). I am already trying to request the new song on my radio station here…but they havent gotten it in their system yet.
    Billy’s new single “Tangled Up” is getting great reviews!!!
    Writer: Billy Currington/Aimee Mayo/Chris Lindsey; Producer: James Stroud/Billy Currington; Publisher: Universal/Off My Rocker/Little Blue Typewriter/BPJ/Moonscar, ASCAP/BMI; Mercury
    —This pile driver is heated up enough to make you sweat. Unapologetically sexual and undeniably rocking, this slab of sound is the reason this man is Platinum.

    reviewed by Robert K. Oermann, Music Row
    See this man..knows what hes talkin bout.

  5. Your review is way off!!!!!! I love the song. I can’t think of anything better than being tangled up with Billy all night! He is one of the sexiest men out there. I love his voice. I think he fill’s Keith Urban’s boots pretty good!

    The song is great!! I’m glad he finally released somthing new!

  6. I totally Agree, The Review Is Way Off!!! That is the Craziest Thing I have ever Heard!!! I think the New song Is Awesome & I am looking forward to The Release of the New Album!!! Billy Has The Sexiest Voice In Country Music, and I think the New Song Shows that off!!! WOW What Woman Wouldnt Want to Be “Tangled Up” With Him All Night!!! He Is The Sexiest Man In Country Music!!! OMG & He Has This Sexy Southern Voice That Just Drives women Crazy!!! As far As Billy Trying To fill Keith Urbans shoes, I think You are Way off on That Too!!! Why Would He want to Try and Fill Somebody Elses Shoes when He Is Doing Great In His Own!!! All Billy has To do Is Open Up his Mouth & out comes this Sulty Southern Voice That Will Ultimately Keep Him On top Of the Charts For Years To Come!! Plus it doesnt Hurt that he is the Sexiest Man Alive!!!

  7. I think the song is sweet it is just a smidge different than his other song’s but I can get used to it He is so sweet, normally he is not talking to the women and thats what makes him good.

  8. I love this song! The moment I heard it, I knew that it was Billy and I still haven’t even listened to the whole thing. I know it by heart though. Just wait… this song will go big!

  9. I predict in the top 10 at the very least. When he first hit the charts with “Walk a little straighter”, I had a feeling he was going places. Some people that don’t listen to Country music regularly obviously don’t know what music really is, thus comes inept reviews. When, if at all, will this song be available as a purchased download?

  10. You’ve got it all wrong and are completely missing the point. Billy has a voice that he can do anything with – he can sing anything and sound great doing it. Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock… just listen to it! Don’t know what you heard, but it’s definitely not what the rest of us are listening to. Not to mention – have you seen the man, I mean seriously!?!?!?!

  11. I like the song alot… even after hearing it only few times on the radio so far, its one that sticks in my head. Cant wait for the cd.

  12. i think that he should stick with traditional country. after hearing good directions, walk a little straighter and i’ve got a feeling, this just doesn’t compare

  13. I think “Tangled Up” is Billy’s best song yet. He is and has been my favorite country singer from the beginning of his singing career. He is so cute and sexy and has me under his spell. I can’t wait until his next album comes out. I’m so excited for him and know this song will be on top very soon.

    Way to go Billy!!!!

  14. What a crackhead review! This is one of Billy’s best songs! I heard it on the radio coming home the other night and have been searching all over trying to find out who it was singing it. I was thrilled to find out it was Billy Currington! He is one of my favorites and this is such an awesome song!!!

  15. I really love the new direction. I feel as if Billy is showcasing his many different styles and talents as a musician, song writer, and performer. This song is one that sticks with you. I lvoe it and have been calling, texting, and faxing my local country stations so they would play it more often. I can’t wait till 10/2 for the CD.

    Billy’s ‘twang’ is still present in this tune and I sinceely object to someone saying that Billy didn’t fit into Keith Urban’s boots. Good thing. He is his own ‘man’ and has his own style. I, for one feel it is MCH superior to Keith’s or any other malevocalist in the country music field these days.

  16. I love this song! I just heard it and can’t get enough of it. I think Billy is an awesome singer and can’t wait for more poeple to recognize him.

  17. The reviewer must be a man….he’s just jealous! Billy’s song is HOT! (Ooooo-la-la!!) I love his breathy voice, very sexy!!! I agree that he is not trying to fill Keith Urban’s shoes….he definitely has his own sexy style. “TOUCH ME…..I WANT” …. BILLY!!!

  18. okay, this song is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! i have been a fan of billy’s since the begining and have seen him in concert. He is a great entertainer and his voice is one of the sexiest out there.

  19. This song may be different than his others, but is nt that the point? How boring for an artist and his listeners, if he just sang the same type of songs. I love that he trust his fans to do the kind of music that he likes. Billy is a talented writer and a country boy with soul. I was blessed to have seen him in concert and I was aproximately 4 feet below him, close enough to see his love for perfomance and musicship. Please dont compare his incomparable talent to Keith Urban. He is his own man and what a handsome man at that.

  20. I don’t agree with the review..Billy’s new song is GREAT!!!!!! I love his music and he has a wonderful voice. He is a very talented singer and sounds good singing any type of music. Loved his first CD and I can’t wait for the new one.

  21. Billy could sing the ABC’s and pull it off as a Top 10 hit. His voice is absolutely fantastic. Tangled Up is up there with Must Be Doin Something Right and will soar to the top.

  22. I think the review is way off. This is one of the sexiest, soulful songs out there. He brings chills to me every time I hear him sing it. He doesn’t have to fill Keith Urban’s boots, because he fills his own shoes just fine. I like Keith Urban, but Billy is my favorite country singer.

  23. I know I’m in the minority here, but I do not like this song and I don’t find anything attractive about Billy…….he tries to be sexy and that is a big turn off to me. I’ve seen him on interviews and even in his videos without his shirt and rolling around on the beach and I just like a guy that doesn’t work so hard at it and can be sexy just taking the trash out!! JMO! I’m sure he is a nice guy, but he’s overkill in the I wanna be sexy dept.

  24. This really is not a very good song. Billy should stop trying to be a Chippendales dancer and should really stick to traditional sounds. Of course he can pull off a song like this, but that doesn’t make it any good. It’s artificial and shallow.

  25. Dan there is nothing shallow about this song. Its country, new country. As much as I respect the old favorites like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Hag, and Nelson, this is new country music. Get over it. Truthfully I never saw anything “traditional” about Billy’s music and thats a good this. He doesn’t need to sound like anyone else in country music. he needs to sound like himself. That fact that he recorded this song proves all the more that he isn’t like any “traditionalist”. He sings what he wants to sing how he wants to sing it. That goes for any other artist in the genre as well. As for “artificial”, this song really doesn’t sound “artificial”. Rap and pop are artificial. Country music has always been and always will be talent, pure talent. Production talent, signign talent, writting talent..its all real. Everything they sing can be done on and off stage without the help of a background recording..THAT IS REAL. Everyone has their own sound, they can choose traditional like Josh Turners awsome music, or they can choose new styles like Billy’s song or Rascal Flatts. Either way its all country and has been proven time and time again its all REAL!!!! Its real talent from real people in all aspects of the industry.

  26. I am addicted to Tangled Up and to Billy Currington. I totally disagree with the reveiw. Billy has the perfect voice for this song and I predict it will be a hit! Everytime it plays on the radio it sets me on fire.

  27. this song rocks !!! been trying to find it forever !! HAS PASSION !! maybe thats why this dork gave it a C !! KEEP ROCKIN BILLY !!

  28. This is the best new song I have heard in along time and I am a huge fan of Kieth Urban, Kenny, Big & Rich, etc Billy’s voice is perfect for the words, it is sooooo seductive. I love it! You can just hear to raw passion in his voice. I wish all of the radio stations would play it more often!

  29. this is a great sweet song. all of his music is good. he does not need to be a rockstar or like keith urban. the radio needs to play it more. his voice is really sexy and suductive in this song!!!! i love billy currington and i am a huge fan!!!! this song is#1 on my list.

  30. this a sexy song. the reviewer needs to sit down and listen to this song. it deserves an A. this song is too good for that grade. i love you bily!!!!!!!!! you are my favorite singer.i would love to hear this song live. keep making good and sexy songs!!!!!!!!!

  31. Right on, Kevin. I really enjoyed Good Directions, but this song is awful. I saw him in concert a year and a half ago and he was pretty bad. The highlight of his half hour show was his cover of Hank Williams Jr.’s Family tradition…and I don’t even really like Hank Williams Jr.. I thought his opening act, Bryce Long, was much better. He seemed very smug and wouldn’t sign autographs afterward…not that I wanted one. I’m glad I only paid $20 for that one. I was with a group of friends and we all felt the same way. Perhaps he just had a bad night, but I’ve heard other reports of him not being very fan friendly.

    This song is SO SEXY and he sings it wonderful.
    Keith Urban? YUK.
    If HE sang the song it would suck.
    Billy is absolutely awesome.

  33. No way is Billy trying to sound like Keith Urban! Billy’s way too cool to be trying to imitate anyone. When I listen to Tangled Up; I get goose bumps, nothing Keith Urban has ever done has even raised one goose bump on my flesh! Whoever did this review needs to clean out their ears with a q-tip! BILLY CURRINGTON RULES!

  34. Does this person get paid to write this stuff?? I mean is he listening to the same song?? I am learning this to play as our openning song with my band and it kicks butt bigtime and Billy rocks it.. He is breathy when he needs to be and drives it when it needs it.. I am a Nashville song writer and demo artist and I get to hear wanna be singers,,… Billy is NOT with this song at all..

  35. Who is the idiot that published this review??!! Every time this song comes on I turn it up as loud as it will go and I CANNOT sit still! I am so moved by the beat and the words. I feel that he is starting a whole new sound that is going to skyrocket. Thanks Billy for this great song.

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